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Portable Storage for Home Remodels - Storage Container

Summer is here and now that the weather is warmer, there is no better time to tackle that long list of home remodels that you made during the winter. That also means that home remodelers are getting ready for these improvements projects, everything from new kitchens to additional rooms. When remodeling your home, things can get dirty and messy. Dust, paint, and debris will be flying around your home. But where do all the homeowner’s belongings go to stay safe from damage? Home remodeling companies need an efficient and safe place to store the owner’s goods so they are out of the way. Shipping containers are the perfect portable storage solution as the home repair season kicks off. If the homeowner is planning on selling the property after the remodel, a portable storage solution makes it easier to stage the home for potential buyers. When the home sells, the belongings are already packed and ready to move. Portable storage units are ideal for home remodels because they are affordable, convenient, and a flexible way to solve your storage needs.  

Any size project Great Lakes Kwik Space has storage containers for rent and purchase ranging in size from a 10ft container to a 48ft high cube. A storage container can help with various projects you may have going on, from cleaning out the garage to adding all new flooring in the entire house. By renting a storage container, you can get the amount of storage space you need for the amount of time needed for the remodel.

20ft one trip container

Benefits of Portable Storage Containers

  • Durable- COR-TEN™ steel construction and wind and watertight
  • Protects belongings from damage and removes clutter- Makes the living environment more comfortable until the project is done
  • Convenient delivery and pick-up- Less time and less hassle for homeowners
  • Affordability- Cheaper than a storage unit at a facility plus the cost of gas to commute to the off-site location
  • On-site solution- No driving to a remote location and no business hours for entry
  • Secure lock box- Minimizes liability
  • Fast- Storage units can be loaded on-site – No trips to a storage facility and less down time for work crews
  • Efficient- The job can be completed faster because they do not have to work around furniture

Portable storage can help provide a clean slate by removing their belongings and having them put back in their home, they can organize and sort through their possessions and decide which things they want to keep. This way the homeowner can see exactly what they own and decide what has value and what needs to head to Goodwill. This is a great way to help the homeowner become tidier and neater after a project!

Let Great Lakes Kwik Space help you find the right storage solution for your next home remodeling project! Fill out a quick form or give us a call at (800) 966-1016 and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales reps.

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