Do you have perishable items or temperature sensitive products but not enough on-site cold storage? We at Great Lakes KWIK SPACE (GLKS) are proud to partner with Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc to offer you the best in portable refrigerated storage.

Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. offers 40 ft refrigerated trailers capable of handling all of your cold storage requirements in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Our 40 ft refrigerated trailers are a low-cost alternative to diesel trailers. Every one of our refrigerated trailers are equipped with an “all electric” environmentally friendly Carrier™ cooling system. They are capable of maintaining temperatures below 0˚F and up to 75˚F. Get the same results as a comparable diesel trailer without the engine run-time fees, costly diesel fuel, pollution issues, and loud engine noise. For peak operating performance, our electric 40 ft refrigerated trailers require a 230V or 460V 3-Phase power source.

Our 40ft refrigerated trailers come standard with a rugged T-rail aluminum floor. The floor is capable of handling the heaviest forklift and pallet jack usage. The interior can hold up to 18 standard pallets (single stacked side by side). They also come equipped with lockable double cargo doors at the end opposite the refrigeration machine.

Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. offers flexible rental programs to satisfy your temporary cold storage or long term cold storage requirements. Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members or request an online quote.