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Shipping Containers Provide Great Solutions to Many Storage Needs. - Storage Container

Shipping Containers are great, they are extremely strong; virtually theft-proof, weather tight, and portable! Endless modifications make them a dream solution to all your needs. Storage containers these days are mainly constructed of high strength corten steel that has a very long life.

Did you know that a 20′ storage container takes up the same amount of space as one car parking?

The need for Storage Containers is universal, needed in virtually every industry and sector of life.  Most municipalities use on-site storage or modified containers for temporary storage while buildings are being renovated, concession stands, air quality stations, sports equipment storage, record storage, parks & recreation equipment storage such as 4 wheelers, mowers, weed eaters, and much more.

Local Law enforcement agencies use them for office use, evidence storage, record storage, portable command centers, and tactical training complexes.  The North Aurora fire department used them to construct a fire fighting building on multiple levels.

Over 55 high schools and 35 midget football leagues in the Chicago area are storing gear in storage containers, everything from Cheerleaders equipment, tackling dummies, and band equipment. Most are painted to match their surroundings some even have the school colors or mascot as a part of the decor.

Did you also know that Military & Homeland Security use storage containers for very specific and sometimes complex requirements? Storage containers applications include generator enclosures, equipment storage, overseas shipping, high-security quiet shelters, operation shelters, laser control centers, underground storage, class B explosive storage, gun range observation towers, tactical training towers including rappelling surfaces, and other training complexes.

Manufacturers and retailers commonly outgrow their facilities and need storage containers for storing excessive inventories of raw goods, finished goods, equipment, extra displays, hazardous material storage, and record storage. Construction companies enjoy having the security that storage containers provide for storing their small vehicles, equipment, small tools, supplies and building materials.  Storage containers are also modified to provide office space as well as storage. Many job sites may require an onsite project manager; those managers need office space to conduct their day to day business. The offices are insulated, and finished with a durable surface and trimmed with aluminum. Electrical and HVAC systems can be installed to accommodate individual needs.

Even the entertainment industry uses them! Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Studios has used up to five 40′ containers on their studio’s lot.  Chicago Housewives is currently using two storage containers for their props.  And The Blue Man’s Group has used storage containers for over 10 years for their Chicago show to hold props.

The Agricultural industry commonly uses our containers to store their small vehicles, equipment, small tools, supplies, pesticides, fertilizer, tack gear, and feed storage. A few examples of Private/Individual/Residential needs for a storage container include furniture storage, yard equipment storage, holiday display storage, workshops, offices, carports, animal shelters, storage during a remodel, moving cross country, or over sea’s, motorcycle storage, and car storage.

The sports industry uses them for storage and promotions. The Bulls and Bears training camps always use at least 3 storage containers. And Wrigley Field during the season uses containers to store their game promotion items.

Storage containers are inexpensive, offer easy temporary storage solutions that can blend into their surroundings, and be gone when the task is finished.

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