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FAQ - Storage Container

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Are your containers weatherproof?

All of our shipping containers and storage containers are guaranteed to be delivered in wind and watertight condition. Our shipping containers will keep your valuable items safe and secure from all types of weather.

** Please note that containers in “as-is” condition are not guaranteed to be weatherproof

How much space is needed on-site for successful delivery of my container?

Adequate space on-site is essential for the successful delivery of your storage container. When a shipping container is delivered, the driver sets one end of the container on the ground and drives out from underneath the container. The shipping container and delivery truck make one long straight line during this process. In general, your location needs to have twice the length of a storage container plus 10 feet in a straight line for successful delivery.

  • For 20ft storage containers, our driver will need approx. 50-60ft of a straight line.
  • For 40ft or 45ft shipping containers, our driver will need approx. 80-100ft of a straight line.
  • For 48ft storage containers, our driver will need approx. 100-125ft of a straight line.

How much space do I need overhead for delivery of my container?

Depending on the height of your shipping container, our driver will need a minimum of 14ft or 15ft of overhead clearance.

  • standard shipping container requires 14ft of overhead clearance
  • high cube shipping container requires 15ft of overhead clearance

Anything below 14ft or 15ft is in danger of being damaged during delivery. Contact one of our sales representatives for more specific information if you have any questions or concerns.

What do you mean, doors facing the cab or the rear for delivery?

When a shipping container is delivered, the driver sets one of the short ends of the container on the ground and drives out from underneath the container. The shipping container and delivery truck make one long straight line during this process.

Standard shipping containers come with cargo doors located on one of the short sides of the container. When the container is loaded on a truck for delivery, those doors can face either towards the driver or face out towards the back of the truck and the street.

As such, the direction that the doors face when loaded onto the the truck for delivery, determines how and where you will be able to access your container.

Do I need to prepare the surface area where my container will be placed?

Our shipping containers and storage containers sit directly on the ground. No surface prep is required, as the only parts of the container that touch the ground are the four corner posts. In fact, the bottom of the container actually sits 5-6” above the ground.

**However, we strongly recommend that you choose a site that is as level as possible. If the storage container is not level, the container doors may be hard to open and close easily. The surface area where you place your container should also have adequate drainage to avoid sinking.

Will the shipping container be leveled when it is delivered?

Our driver will level your container when it is delivered. Before leaving, the driver will check the functioning of container doors and make any necessary adjustments to the container. Typically, this involves shimming a corner of the container with pieces of treated wood.

**If the site where the container is placed is very un-level the driver may not be able to level the shipping container completely. Additional leveling may also be needed over time as the container shifts with the loading and unloading of your items.

Can the storage container be placed on railroad ties/landscape timbers?

Yes. Railroad ties/landscape timbers can be placed under the container to lift it up. Our driver can help you to place the container on railroad ties/landscape timbers when the container is delivered.

** Please note, we do not provide the railroad ties/landscape timbers.

**Check out a great video about storage container delivery on our Videos page.**

How quickly will my shipping container be delivered after I place an order?

Delivery of your shipping container depends on our trucking schedule at the time the order in placed. In general, we are usually able to deliver your storage container in 1-2 business days from the time you place your order.

Can I choose the exact color of my container?

Storage containers are manufactured in many different colors. The colors we have available vary depending on our stock at the time of an inquiry. We can always paint the exterior a custom color if you are looking for a specific color.

Can you move or relocate my container?

Yes, we can. But the container MUST BE EMPTY. Due to the weight of the container it can damage our delivery equipment if the containers are not EMPTY.

Can I inspect my container before delivery?

Yes! We are located in Aurora, IL. Contact us at 1.866.524.6603 to arrange a time to visit our yard and select your storage container.

What type of material are storage containers made out of?

Depending on the type of container, our containers are available in corten steel or a durable steel and aluminum blend.

The corten steel containers have been retired from international shipping. They are made of of corrugated, 14 gauge steel panels and have 1-1/8” thick marine plywood flooring on the interior.

The aluminum and steel containers have been retired from domestic shipping service. They are made of aluminum sheets riveted to aluminum or galvanized steel center posts on a steel frame. They also have 1-1/8” thick hardwood flooring on the interior.

Do you have storage trailers available?

Yes, we do! We have trailers available in 45 ft, 48 ft, and 53 ft sizes. Our storage trailers are semi-trailers that have been removed from road service. They are safe, secure, and guaranteed to be wind and watertight. It is important to note that our storage trailers are ONLY for on site storage and not for local delivery.

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