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Shipping Container Specs: High Cube, Standard, 40 Ft l Great Lakes

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Container and Trailer Specifications

The storage container, storage trailer, and shipping container specs can vary slightly from what is listed below.

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    Container and Trailer Specifications
    ExteriorInteriorDoor Opening
    10’ Standard Dry Container10’8’8’ 6”9’4”7’8”7’10”7’8”7’6”
    20′ Standard Dry Container20′8′8’6″19’3″7’8″7′ 9 7/8″7’8″7’5″
    40′ Standard Dry Container40′8′8’6″39′ 5″7’8″7′ 9 7/8″7’8″7’5″
    40′ High Cube Dry Container40′8′9’6″39′ 5″7’8″8′ 10″7’8″8′ 5 1/2″
    45′ High Cube Dry Container45′8′9’6″44′ 5″7’8″8′ 10″7’8″8′ 5 1/2″
    48′ High Cube Dry Container48′8’6″9’6′”47′ 5″8’2″8′ 11″8’2″8′ 10″
    45′ Trailer45′8’6″9’6′”44′ 5″7’9″8′ 10″7’8″8′6″
    48′ Trailer48′8’6″9’6′”47′ 5″8’2″8′ 11″8’2″8′ 10″
    53’ Trailer53’8’6”9’6”52’5”7’10’’9’2’’7’8”8’10”
    Typical Weights / Capacity
    Cubic CapacityTare WeightMax GrossMax Payload
    10’ Standard Dry Container563 cu. ft2,870
    20′ Standard Dry Container1,165 cu. ft.5,05067,20062,150
    40′ Standard Dry Container2,350 cu. ft.8,00067,20059,200
    40′ High Cube Dry Container2694 cu. ft.8,77567,20058,425
    45′ High Cube Dry Container3043 cu. ft.9,81072,80062,990
    48′ High Cube Dry Container3454 cu. ft.10,85067,20056,350
    53′ High Cube Dry Container3857 cu. ft.11,11067,20056,090
    45′ Trailer3,308 cu. ft.10,20072,80062,600
    48′ Trailer3454 cu. ft.10,85067,20056,350
    53’ Trailer4009 cu. ft.13,000

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