Container Sales

Great Lakes KWIK SPACE has new and used storage containers and shipping containers for sale in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. We provide portable storage options to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations for numerous applications.

Standard ISO shipping containers are available in 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft sizes. We also have high cube storage containers, double door containers, and open side containers available for purchase.

All of our shipping containers and cargo storage containers are built to last, constructed from corten steel or a durable steel and aluminium blend. Our portable storage containers come standard with lockable cargo doors. We also offer a variety of security options and other accessories to make your portable storage experience as simple as possible.


Container Sales - 20ft Containers

20ft Containers

Container Sales - 40ft Containers

40ft Containers

Container Sales - 40ft HC Containers

40ft HC Containers

Container Sales - 45ft HC Containers

45ft HC Containers

Container Sales - 20ft Side Door

20ft Double Door

Container Sales - 20ft Side Door

40ft Double Door

Container Sales - 20ft Side Door

20ft Side Door

Great Lakes KWIK SPACE sells storage containers in new “one-trip”, refurbished, and wind and watertight conditions.New shipping containers are often referred to as “one-trip”, “one-way” or “one-use” containers. They are manufactured overseas, loaded with cargo once and shipped to the US for “one-trip” only. They are not utilized for international shipping. The used containers that we have were utilized for international shipping. They usually are retired after 10-12 years of shipping service.

To learn more about the different sizes of storage containers and shipping containers we offer, click on one of the images above.

Whether you are looking to rent or purchase a shipping container, take a moment to explore your options. Great Lakes KWIK SPACE is Chicagoland’s largest independently owned cargo storage container company. We have been in business for more than 30 years and pride ourselves in offering our customers quality, professionalism and responsiveness in everything we do. Our philosophy is quite simple; We do what we say we will.

Contact us at 800-966-1016 or fill out an online quote for pricing or additional information.

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