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Should you buy or rent a storage container? - Storage Container

Cargo containers have increasingly become common as storage containers in communities throughout the country. Deciding whether to rent or buy your storage containers depends on your needs and the length of time you will need storage. Both options (renting and buying) have their pros and cons.

They are being used by manufacturers to store surplus inventory or machinery, and are offered as rental options by storage management facilities across the country. They provide a temporary workspace, since they can be adapted and are sturdier than trailers, and cost considerably less money to buy or rent. If you need to remodel your house, you can store all your household items on-site safely and securely and with easy access. As long as you vent it properly.

First, lay out your objective:

  1. If you just need storage space for a short time and can’t see yourself making use of a storage container in the long run, then renting or leasing a Storage Container is the best choice for you. If you have surplus items, moving to a new facility, need temporary workspace or want to transport a large number of items, renting a container will serve your needs and goals.
  2. If you have a business that requires storage space that can also be transported, a leased container could be a better choice as they are cheaper than warehousing.
  3. Or if you always need storage space, then it is a money saver to have it permanently stored in your own yard space.

It is convenient to rent a container as it is very expensive to purchase such heavy articles and the capital saved can be used for some other more beneficial purposes. There is little risk of damage or it being outdated, as you do not own the container. It is advisable to consider the size of the container according to the commodity to be stored in it, before entering into the rental agreement.

On the other hand if you feel you need a permanent storage container then it’s probably worth buying. Once you decide to buy, you then have to use the same process you would for any other large ticket purchase – research, comparison shop and negotiate. You can buy storage containers online with options of many different container sizes, from 10 feet to 53 feet, you just need to start looking! Bear in mind regulations enacted in your area may limit use. Before investing any further time or money into the purchase of a cargo container, it would be wise to learn about any regulations or total prohibitions that may exist in your area.

Buying: If you will use the container for years and can afford it, buying is usually the best option.

  • Buying new containers – You can find a basic 20′ storage container for $3,199 to $6,750 or more. Vendors charge an hourly rate of $50 to $150 for customizing your container, plus the cost of materials. You could pay hundreds of dollars for basic add-ons like shelving or ramps, up to thousands of dollars to convert containers into office space.
  • Buying Used storage containers – While new storage containers can cost thousands of dollars, the pricing is more palatable for used storage containers. Vendors buy used units, fix them up, replace any broken parts, ensure they’re watertight, sand grind, and apply a fresh coat of paint. The containers look as good as new, and you pay about 30% to 50% less for a used storage container than you would for a new one.

Rent: The most affordable option for a few days, weeks, or months. Renting allows you to deduct the fees from your taxes. Leasing and rentals range from $79 to $150 per rental period ( $3 to $8 per day), depending on the condition and age of the container. You’re not tied down to a specific length term. When leasing, many vendors offer lower monthly rates for longer lease periods. You either go pick it up with your flatbed or the company will deliver it to your location for a fee.

A storage container is either made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum, come in a variety of sizes, and due to resilient weatherproof natures, they also provide a perfect and secure solution for anyone with fixed (or semi-fixed) locational storage needs at a low cost!

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