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Odd and Innovative Uses for Portable Storage Containers - Storage Container

Portable storage cargo containers provide many unique and innovative uses.  While they are sturdy, durable, and secure; they also have amazing possibilities.  And with all the custom modifications and applications available, your mind is the only limit. Allow your mind’s creativity to imagine all that is possible and see what might just happen.

A Dream Shed

So, let’s start with your yard. You have been dreaming of building a shed for years, and time always seems to slip away?  Stop worrying and get a perfect solution with a portable storage container. A refurbished cargo container will provide you with:

  • Easy access to tools and materials
  • Clutter reduction
  • Aesthetic value
  • Pride of accomplishment and ownership

Your backyard experience will become enriched with the appearance of your shed. You can paint and decorate the appearance of the container to suit your home and style.

Car Shed

You have wanted a car shed for years. Why wait? Convert a cargo storage unit into your personal car  or vehicle shed.  Customize it to fit your needs and best of all your favorite bikes, cars, ATVs and other vehicular toys will now have a safe and secure home.  No work, no fuss, it is delivered and you can begin to use it immediately.

Sports Storage

If there is a facilities need you have and the building budget is tight, a cargo container might be the prayer answered. With its industrial strength, ability to withstand all weather, and provide you with security, this will make for a great storage for any school, neighborhood team and or companies.


Does your community need a library? A storage trailer can be the perfect answer. With a little bit work and your imagination, your community could have an instant library.

Espresso Stand

You have the perfect location, now get the right size container delivered, with some elbow grease i.e. some paint, branding design and inventory and your latte stand is ready for business.

Roadside Vegetable or Floral Stand

You love gardening, and farming – you also need to run a business. What better way than to create a small shop using a cargo container.  It will protect your produce and flowers from the elements, you can set up other items on shelves and most of all at the end of the day, you can lock up your stand safely and securely.

40' former Hapag Lloyd shipping container is now used for Chris & Gina's Variety Store in Nevis, West Indies.

40' former Hapag Lloyd shipping container is now used for Chris & Gina's Variety Store in Nevis, West Indies.

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