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Customize Your Portable Storage Container with Accessories - Storage Container

Customize your portable storage container with accessories

Now life has become even easier with a customized portable storage container that will help you get better organized.  You know you need extra storage, and you realize you want to maximize the storage and capacity of your container.  Instead of just a box, you can design that box exactly the way you want it. Now there are storage container accessories available to customize your container to fit your specific needs. Choose from the following accessories to get better usage and visibility in your container.


If you are using a storage container to store personal household items, or extra inventory for your business, to store business records, small boxes, and or items that can be lined up or stacked, then shelving is a great solution. The new three high shelving on each side along the walls option are a great add on feature for multiple uses. Or design the shelving to suit your needs. It is an efficient and cost effective way to maximize a space. You can find things easily and have a space for everything.



Once you have stored all your inventory items, and or records, you want easy access. Easy access also means good lighting. It is hard to find stuff in the dark or with minimum light. Now with pre-installed lighting, you can see all the items stored day or night and be able to function fast and efficiently!

Loading Ramps

Just like a moving truck or any elevated space the job is much easier with a ramp. If the boxes or materials being stored are heavy, a ramp will help you avoid back injuries and unnecessary weight lifting or drops.  Now you can choose from either a ramp designed for hand carts that will support up to 750 lbs, or a heavy duty ramps that will allow a small forklift to have easy access to your container and  support up to 10,000 lbs.



With lighting, shelving and a ramp, you have now created an inviting and comfortable storage space that makes finding things easier, faster and safer.

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