Heavy Duty Solutions:  Auto Repair Shop & Tire Storage

The automotive industry has a lot of heavy product in need of durable storage.   Shipping Containers are built to carry cars so it would make sense to re-purpose them for auto shop storage, wouldn’t it?


In the Automotive industry there is no real need for custom size containers because auto and repair shops are typically in large, industrial areas.  Standard size containers are the most common for use in this type of storage.  The heavy duty Corten steel that Cargo Containers are built from is the perfect solution for an industry that requires extremely tough storage. The most economical unmodified container comes standard in lengths from 20ft containers to 48ft high cube containers.

Common Container Sizes:

The 20’ Cargo Container for sale is a great size because of its overall strength and portability.  20’ storage containers are also great for accessing your goods easily.  The 40’ Cargo Container for sale is also a good size for repair shops because you can storage large auto parts and heavy materials.

Auto Repair Shop Storage Container Common Uses:

  • Tire Storage
  • Auto Parts Storage
  • Storage for Absorbents, Antifreeze, Oil Barrels
  • Office Containers
  • Tool Storage

Common Conditional Categories:

Wind and Water Tight Cargo Containers are just that; they are used containers for sale that are in good structural condition and sealed for dry storage.  Used containers in this condition are probably most common in the auto industry because they are cheap and still water tight.  Auto repair shops could also have a use for office containers or a need for a shipping container that is better overall condition for a specific use.  One Trip Cargo Containers for sale are great if you need something that looks nice.  One Trip containers are essentially new, They’ve made one trip over from where their built and are in “like new” overall condition.

If you are in the Automotive Industry or have an Auto Repair Shop, consider these safe, secure and eco-friendly solutions for your storage needs. Great Lakes Kwik Space can provide you what you need for your automotive container needs.   Get a quote now!

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