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Chicago Match Cup Series Creates Unique Container Ideas for Sailing Races - Storage Container

In the sport of sailing, match racing is considered by most to be the purest form of competing. All match racing sailboats are designed exactly the same—teams do not decide which boat they will race, nor do they have the ability to make any modifications to the boats. It’s the purest form of sailing, based only on the talent of the crew and helmsman. Every year some of the best match race sailing teams in the world gather in Chicago for the Chicago Match Cup.

The series called on Great Lakes Kwik Space to provide a unique venue solution with 20’  Side Door Rental Storage Containers. These containers were set up to sell merchandise and tickets during the event with the ability to shut their doors and secure inventory by night. The 20’ Side Door Container was a great way to utilize functionality, portability, and security. The Chicago Match Cup Series also made a number of 20’ Storage Containers available for rent in Chicago along the waterfront venue.

Due to their strength and dependability near an ocean or lake, Shipping Containers and Storage Containers have become very popular worldwide at sailing regattas of all sizes. Similar to way that the Chicago Match Cup Series utilized its containers for retail purposes, there are several additional uses for containers at sailing regattas. A canteen for spectators? Sure. A lounge for after the race? Definitely. Of course, the large size of shipping containers also makes them fantastic for general storage of various materials, something necessary during any race. At the end of each day, you can close up the container rest assured that the durability of the structure will keep anything inside safe until the next time that you use it.

We look forward to working with more sailing teams and events in the future. If you have any specialized uses for portable storage containers for rent or for purchase please contact us for more information. Our containers can be modified with doors or windows to fit your particular needs.

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