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Cargo Containers: Strong Enough to Move Dinosaurs - Storage Container

Dinosaurs might not still roam the Earth today, but certain zoos around North America are bringing them to life thanks to a certain traveling exhibition. Dinosaurs Unearthed, for instance, is essentially a mobile showcase of dinosaur skeletons, fossils and animatronic dinosaurs. Portable Storage Containers given their portability and security were selected to store and move the exhibit from one location to the next throughout North America.

Dinosaurs Unearthed’s three different exhibitions provide life-size representations of creatures for people to interact with, as well as actual artifacts for viewing. The British Columbia-based company offers two choices for the dino-curious and one option that showcases larger-than-life bugs: Dinosaurs Alive!, Dinosaurs Unearthed, and Xtreme BUGS!.

The animatronic dinosaurs give Zoogoers the sensation that dinosaurs are part of the zoo—just like the lions, tigers, and bears—awing children and adults alike. Dinosaurs Unearthed’s set of skeletons provide a more realistic representation of how dinosaurs exist today: in the form of remains. Their largest skeleton is the Mamenchisaurus at 65 feet tall, a dinosaur first discovered in Sichuan, China in 1952. They also have over 200 real fossils to give visitors the experience of a paleontologist.

Dinosaurs Unearthed gives potential hosts the options of indoor exhibits, outdoor exhibits, or both, depending on their facilities. For those wanting to provide guests with prehistoric experiences, Dinosaurs Unearthed lives indoors, and Dinosaurs Alive puts animatronic dinos in outdoor space. Xtreme Bugs can be modified to showcase insects either in or outside.

These creatures are life-size, which would naturally lead to a logistical problem: how does Dinosaurs Unearthed move its materials from place to place? The animatronic dinosaurs may have up to eight separate movements, but they cannot walk the traffic-filled highways of the US and Canada. Enter Great Lakes Kwik Space, the solution that Dinosaurs Unearthed is currently utilizing to store and transport their materials from site-to-site.

Great Lakes Kwik Space is a provider of portable storage around Chicago, specializing in refurbished cargo containers, portable storage containers and semi-trailers. Great Lakes Kwik Space is the largest independently owned cargo container company in the Chicago area and services both in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Whether or not you have a troupe of dinosaurs to transport stateside, contact Great Lakes Kwik Space to satisfy your portable storage needs.

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