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Local Sports Teams Find Indispensable Storage Solutions in Shipping Containers - Storage Container

Great Lakes Kwik Space has been a longtime storage container provider for baseball and other professional sports teams, both big and small. Great Lakes Kwik Space has supplied storage containers to teams ranging from the majors to little leagues, delivering durable storage solutions for equipment, concessions, and promotional materials alike.

Read on to learn how Great Lakes Kwik space has collaborated with baseball teams and associations in the past. These teams and organizations knew to turn to Great Lakes Kwik Space, the regional leader in portable storage units, for their sports storage needs. Based on the satisfaction we’ve provided to so many local teams, we hope to continue this kind of work with even more Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin teams and associations in the future.


The Chicago Cubs utilize Great Lakes Kwik Space’s 40ft double door storage containers to hold their promotional materials for future fan giveaways, including cushions, towels, bobble heads, and everything in between. Our containers make it possible to make them safe and out of the way in a Wrigley Field parking lot, securely locked up until their promotional giveaway.

Our help with the Chicago major leagues definitely doesn’t stop there. The Chicago Bulls/White Sox Academy has utilized a Great Lakes Kwik Space container to hold training equipment in their sports facility for years now because of the long-lasting strength of our storage containers.

The Chicago Bears also have a tradition of utilizing Great Lakes Kwik Space containers to hold tackling dummies and pads when not in use, which come in handy with their seasonal training schedules. This practice

equipment is safely stored away from both the brutal Chicago weather and thieves when not needed by the Bears.



Our assistance is far from restricted to the big leagues; we have a history of helping out school sport teams all around Illinois from the university to K-12 levels. Great Lakes Kwik Space provides high-quality weather-resistant storage for school football, baseball, and softball teams. These schools include Northern Illinois University, the College of DuPage, the DeKalb School District and Mother McAuley High School in Chicago.

We’ve also worked with the Oswego Wolves, a fast-pitch softball association for women in Oswego, Illinois. Great Lakes Kwik Space provided tough and stable storage for softball equipment that kept it safe during down time.

Chicago’s Midway Baseball, an association of over a dozen competing baseball and T-ball teams based in Michael Madigan Sr. Park, took storage to a new, profitable level by using their Great Lakes Kwik Space container to store concession products.


To fulfill your sports or general storage needs, you can count on Great Lakes Kwik Space for a reliable new or used container purchase or rental. Call us now at 1 (800) 966-1016 to talk about the container and accessories that best suit your storage requirements.

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