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Using Paint for Company Branding - Storage Container

The secret’s been out for a while about the fantastic storage abilities of shipping containers—their strength and resilience makes them ideal to hold just about anything that can fit inside, keeping their contents safe with unrivaled steel protection.

M/I Homes Plum ContainerCompanies and individuals have been taking advantage of the interior benefits of shipping containers for years, but what most people don’t know is that the benefits shouldn’t and don’t have to stay concealed. Shipping containers are multifunctional to the point that they can advertise for you just by sitting there.

Our custom paint jobs can give you just that, whether you’re a home builder or real estate company or anything in between. Great Lakes Kwik Space serves up top-notch storage containers available in a variety of colors—in fact, just show us your branding and we’ll hook you up with the paint to match. We can also accommodate your plans to apply your company information or logo.

Through these modifications, the exterior of your container is far from an eyesore. In addition to the prime storage space that is likely your reason for acquiring the container, this box is a built in billboard. Many people think that their shipping container will resemble the aged and worn shipping containers seen sitting purposeless in shipping yards, but that’s not the type of quality we provide for our customers.

We want our containers to serve your business best. What benefits would a ratty looking fresh-off-the-boat container bring to your company besides its storage ability? By personalizing your container, you’re getting a like-new paint job that will transform a container of virtually any condition into an attractive vessel made just for you.

Homes aren’t the only thing that M/I Homes in Naperville, Illinois knows how to build; they also know how to utilize their storage resources to help build their company identity and broadcast it to their community. M/I Homes turned to Great Lakes Kwik Space for a well-designed and useful storage solution when they purchased two 20ft containers in plum, proceeding to double their use as both storage solution and billboard. The boxes will live at several of their Illinois building sites to help store equipment while making their brand a whole lot more visible.

Our storage containers give you more bang for your buck than any other storage solution out there. Though most popular for construction companies and related establishments, our customer base is far from limited to these types of businesses. If you have a highly visible lot that people might be wondering who is occupying, why not jump at the opportunity to advertise your services while simultaneously storing those things that just don’t have another place to go?

Shipping container storage is as reliable as it gets because these boxes were created for the treacherous seas. They can definitely handle Illinois weather—during any season.

Great Lakes Kwik Space is the largest independent storage container provider in the Chicagoland area, able to deliver to companies and individuals with just 24 hours notice. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling and set up an order for the container that will double as incredible storage and excellent advertising, call 1-800-966-1016 or get a quote now.

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