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Greater Access and Less Hassle with Great Lakes KWIK SPACE - Storage Container

Once a standard ISO shipping container has been loaded it with all of your valuable items, they are only accessible through a single set of cargo doors located on one end of the storage container. Careful planning is required to make sure that you won’t need the one thing that has been placed at the very back of the storage container, hidden behind 20ft or 40ft worth of stored items.

Thankfully, there is another option to ensure that you have greater access to more of your container’s inventory.

The 20ft double door storage container!

At Great Lakes KWIK SPACE, we offer double door storage containers for both rent and purchase. They are available in 20ft and 40ft lengths in a variety of conditions.

Constructed to meet same rigorous international standards as a standard single door shipping container, the double door storage container has two sets of cargo doors. The easy-access cargo doors are located on each end of the shipping container.

Every one of our double door shipping containers is built from cor-ten steel and is wind and watertight, installed with rodent and weather proof door seals and ISO standard security locking bars. For even more security and peace of mind, take a look at our security accessories.

Whether you choose a 20ft double door storage container or a 40ft double door storage container there are a number of advantages to double door shipping containers.


40ft Double Door Container


Greater Access

The extra set of cargo doors on your double door storage container mean that you no longer have to worry about unloading and loading your entire container just to access one thing. The extra access that the double doors give you allows for the flexible and efficient organization of your container and its inventory.

Double door cargo storage containers are the perfect option for customers that need to lots of access to the items in their container. Whether you are a business that needs to store seasonal inventory that is in high demand or a homeowner that is storing household items during a construction project or remodel, a double door storage container is your best bet.


The extra set of doors on the double door container also simplifies the entire delivery process from start to finish.

Many customers struggle with the delivery question “Cargo doors located toward the driver’s cab or facing out ?” . This question, while sometimes confusing, ultimately determines how you will have access to your storage container’s contents with a standard shipping container.

Instead of having to anticipate the limitations of your onsite location where the container will be placed and know exactly how you will use your container for all of the time that you have it, the double door storage container eliminates designations like “front” and “back”. With two sets of doors, the front of the shipping container can become the back and vice versa.


Don’t waste your valuable time or money on expensive custom modifications adding extra roll-up door or personnel doors to a standard single door ISO shipping container. Double door shipping containers give you additional access to your container while providing greater security than roll-up or personnel doors. Instead of an easily penetrated roll-up door made of galvanized steel or a wooden personnel door, every set of cargo doors is made of steel and comes with ISO standard security locking bars. We also offer security accessories for even great peace of mind.

Resale Value

When compared to single door shipping containers, double door containers always seem to have a higher resale value. If you are intending to purchase a container and anticipate wanting to sell your container later on you can expect to get more value for this type of container.

Great Lakes KWIK SPACE is Chicagoland’s largest independently owned cargo storage container company. We have been in business for 25 years and pride ourselves in offering our customers in Illinois quality, professionalism and responsiveness in everything we do. Our philosophy is quite simple. We do what we say we will. To get started, call us at 800.966.1016 or get an online KWIK quote today.

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