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Many of our clients contact us overwhelmed by all of the different storage options available to them or unsure of what option will best suit their needs. At Great Lakes KWIK SPACE (GLKS), we offer storage containers and shipping containers in sizes ranging from 10ft to 48ft for rent or purchase.

20ft one trip container

Deciding whether to rent or to buy a container is a hard decision for many of our customers. Renting can seem like a no brainer for many but turn out to be an inefficient choice in the long term. Others may find that the shipping container that they purchased up front has become inconvenient and that renting would have been a better use of capital.

GLKS has been in the portable storage business for 25 years; we’ve seen and done it all. Our sales representatives specialize in helping our clients find the best match for their unique needs and budget. We pride ourselves in offering our customers quality, professionalism, and responsiveness in everything we do.

Careful consideration of your portable storage needs is a necessary step when deciding whether to rent or to buy a shipping container or storage container.

Know Your Storage Needs Before You Rent or Buy

You already know that shipping containers are a great choice for storage. They are engineered to be strong, durable, portable, and weatherproof. Instead of relying on an on-site storage facility you can have access to all of your important items on-site in a safe and secure shipping container.

Storage containers are used in a variety of industries and have many applications. At GLKS, our clients have used shipping containers for file and record storage, bicycle storage, automotive storage, sports equipment storage, and even movie and film sets.

Before deciding to rent or buy a shipping container or storage container make sure you know the answers to these questions

Consider These Questions

  • How long do you need the container?

Knowing the amount of time that you will need a storage container is a key piece of information when deciding whether to rent or buy.

If you only need a shipping container for a project that has a short lifespan–such as a construction project or a home remodel– renting is for you. But if you anticipate needing your container for longer than a year buying a shipping container makes more financial sense.

  • Do you Need any Modifications Made to the Container?

While a shipping container is ready to be loaded with your valuable items as soon as it is delivered, some clients find that modifications are necessary in order to meet their unique needs. If you need a man door or an extra ventilation fan added to your container then buying your storage container will allow you complete control to the necessary changes to your container. You could even paint your container and use it for branding and marketing your business.

  • Container Condition

Every container that we sell at GLKS comes guaranteed to be wind and watertight. However, the condition of the container can vary depending on the age of the container and what it was used for in its previous life. We will work with you to find a container that meets your requirements but if you are storing valuable items buying a one-trip container gives you a brand new container perfect for whatever sensitive items you wish to store.

  • Projected Capital Flows/Budget

Knowing what capital you have available is another important factor when deciding whether you should rent or buy a storage container. Buying your container outright may cost you less in the long run than renting but it is necessary to consider maintenance fees and other costs. On the other hand, rental payments are flexible and could end up saving you money in the long run. We will take care of maintenance and other issues and you can rest easy knowing that your container will be picked up the second you no longer need it. You won’t get stuck with an empty container that you thought you would use sitting in your lot.

Contact Us

Now you’ve learned what factors should influence your decision to rent or to buy a shipping container. As always, if you have any additional questions please contact us. One of our sales representatives is ready to help you find the very best storage container for your needs. We are happy to speak to you about your options. We at GLKS rent and sell shipping containers, storage containers, and storage trailers in sizes from 10ft to 53ft and our 25 years in the business means that we can help you with just about anything. Give us a call at 800.966.1016 or get an online KWIK quote now. Our philosophy is simple…”We do what we say we will”.


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