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Labor Day Weekend With Storage Containers - Storage Container

With fall sneaking up, Labor day weekend usually marks the end of summer for most people. It is one last chance to get out of town and enjoy the three day weekend. Chicago will be buzzing over labor day weekend, so it is time to enjoy the final days of summer. Whether you want to have some family fun or drink and dance the night away, Chicago has it all this Labor Day. Enjoy soaking up the last moments of summer.

The American Lobster Fest is the Midwest’s largest Lobster and seafood festival. It is held at the Chicago’s legendary Navy Pier this weekend! It’s time to bring the family on down and enjoy some live lobster delivered fresh from the cold waters of the East Coast. There is fun for the whole family, including live music performances, family-friendly games and activities, craft shopping, and cold, refreshing drinks to sip on. Treat yourself to some quality lobster!

Refrigerated containers are ideal because they maintain the proper temperature and moisture. If possible, start with lobsters that have been kept at temperatures no greater than 4S°-50°F. Optimal shipping temperatures are between 32° and 40°F. Be careful not to get the lobsters too cold – they freeze at the same temperature as seawater: approximately 29°F. 

To keep lobsters alive before and after shipping:

  • Do not heat up or cool down too quickly.
  • Keep cool and moist.

To keep lobsters alive during shipping:

  • Ship vigorous, firm-shelled lobsters;
  • Keep container as close to 100% humidity as possible;
  • Keep temperature of shipping containers 32°-40°F;
  • Never use tap water; and
  • Never use a small container of seawater.
  • Do NOT pack them with ice or dry ice.
  • No drastic temperature changes.
  • Do not feed the lobsters for two or three days before shipping.
  • Leave some “breathing” room in, around, and through the container.

Put on your dancing shoes and feel the music, it is time to celebrate the history of jazz at the 38th Annual Jazz Festival that is held in Millennium Park. Enjoy live performances by recognized jazz artists, including Chicago saxophonist Eric Schneider, trumpeter Orbert Davis and Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra, among others. If you are on a tight budget, no problem, it’s free!

For the younger crowds, the North Coast Music Festival, also known as “Summer’s Last Stand,” is happening in Union Park this Labor day weekend. It has a massive lineup filled with a diverse collection of indie rock, folk, hip-hop, and electronic music.  Well known EDM artists, Odesza, Bassnectar, Zedd will be headlining the festival. There will definitely be after parties around the smaller clubs and venues.

Basic storage containers a40ft-storage-containerre an exceptional piece of design in simplicity and form. There are an overwhelming number of possibilities, encouraging creativity and more progressive designs. This weekend’s festivities are a perfect platform to promote your brand or client’s products. Festivals are a great opportunity to market your company and get your name out on the street. What better way to do that than have an eye-catching, unique, and innovative space. Storage containers are a conversation piece and will have people buzzing. A simple steel container can be transformed into branded architecture. Storage containers are affordable and economy-of-scale provide an alternative for temporary or “pop-up” spaces. The great thing about containers is that they are practical, adaptable, scalable, and flexible. Storage containers are durable and are going to last more than year or two. These units will provide 20+ years of service, making them a business asset. Containers are fully customizable and can be modified to your specific needs or budget. From restaurants to retail shops the opportunity for greatness is limitless with storage containers.

There will even be a Labor Day Parade. The parade starts at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, kicking off at 104th Street and South Ewing Avenue and going south along Ewing Avenue. At 112th Street, the parade will turn and go east to Eggers Grove. This is the time to honor all the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country.

Parade floats are a unique and fun way to draw attention from the crowds. Parades and parade floats are expected to remain an important part of celebrations. The floats are expected to become more elaborate and technically sophisticated as builders and sponsors vie for the attention of a worldwide audience. They are like a moving piece of art. Materials used in a parade float are evolving as well, containers are perfect for creating an artistic statement. The inherent strength and durability of the steel containers will be an asset to your design. This giant boom box float was designed by Core Design for a Pegasus Parade. The innovative design was created using a 20ft storage container. The giant 80s boom box was retrofitted with sound, light, and a “tape deck” opening, which revealed a full DJ booth. Owner of Core Design, Jeremy Semones states, “I love to define space with the containers. Containers are easy to brand, color and logo. Containers are low overhead. It levels the playing field.”

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