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Storage Containers for Possible New Hospital Construction - Storage Container


Photo: CCHHS

Chicago’s Cook County Health and Hospitals system has had a record of being known as a provider of last resort. Last month, they applied with state regulators to build an outpatient center with a modern design that would cater to a wide variety of patients.

Cook County Health is one of the largest hospital networks in the nation. The narrow corridors and outdated infrastructure, this 60-year-old outpatient facility is from a different era of medicine.

A proposed nine-story, 278,000-square-foot Central Campus Health Center would merge services and administrative offices that are spread out among Fantus and two other facilities. The plans include expanding dental services and offering a more up-to-date facility for cancer treatments. 


Photo: CCHHS

Cook County Health disclosed more details about their outpatient overhaul in their application to the Illinois Health Facilities and Services Review Board. The fate of the new facility will be determined when the board votes in September.

In the wake of Obamacare, Cook County Health is looking to expand its outpatient footprint. Fantus is part of a broader strategic shift to help bring medical services closer to where people live. Insurers are paying hospitals to focus on preventive care and treat patients in the least expensive place. That’s often in a doctor’s office or at an outpatient clinic. Another part of the plan is to strengthen up nursing home care for Medicare patients to prevent elderly patients from ending back up the hospital too quickly after being released.

With such a large construction project, extra space and storage will definitely be needed. Storage containers are ideal for a construction project because of their flexibility, mobility, affordability, and durability. Avoid worrying about the security and safety of your equipment, rent or buy a storage container! With such a crucial project, it is vital that all the equipment and materials are kept safe and out of harm’s way. Storage containers are a great way to stay organized and to secure your equipment.

20ft one trip container

Construction projects can last weeks, months, or even years, this means that a structure has to be durable enough to weather conditions that are presented by long-term outdoor exposure. Since storage containers are brought over on a ship, they are designed to be resilient.

Having on-site storage will save your company time and money. Construction jobs usually have deadlines to meet and should not be spending the time hauling equipment back and forth to a storage facility. This waste valuable time that could be used for more important tasks. The fluid nature of the construction business demands mobility. Storage containers allow for easy access to your equipment when needed. Storage containers have the ability to easily be moved anywhere you or your project go. Buying or renting a container is a great way to avoid building a more permanent structure but still ensuring the safety of your equipment and materials.

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