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Utilizing Storage Containers for Chicago’s Hotel Boom - Storage Container

New hotel room construction in Chicago has jumped more than 56 percent in the past year. The city is booming with the added 8 million visitors in just three years and is hoping to increase that number to 55 million people by 2020. With such a high demand, new hotels are popping up everywhere. Currently, there are 2,500 rooms in development. Travelers will have an abundance of new choices, especially with another surge in 2017. A new Marriott Marquis is expected to open in 2017. Ten new hotels have opened in downtown Chicago, including the Virgin, Chicago Athletic Association, Loews Chicago Hotel, LondonHouse, Kimpton, and Hyatt Centric. The supply of downtown hotel rooms will rise 6.2 percent this year, according to Lodging Econometrics.


Photo: Kimpton

Each year hotel property owners plan for their property improvement plans (PIPs). According to Hotel Online, the purpose of PIPs to keep properties in compliance with all existing and new brand standards as franchisors strive to maintain brand standards to protect their brands as well as the investments of all the other franchises. Almost all franchisors have a Property Improvement Plan system because their goal is to preserve the quality of each of their franchise. A successful PIP should help owners gain market share, increase guest satisfaction, drive revenue performance, and enhance profitability. As remodels move forward, hoteliers place an order for materials such fixtures, bedding, supplies, and equipment. When remodeling starts to interrupt the busy seasons, many hoteliers will manage and secure the safety of their supplies by using storage containers. By utilizing these durable and cost- effective containers, hotels can free up all potential revenue-generating space to take full advantage of customer demand while staying on schedule with the remodel or rebranding. A secure place will be necessary to protect the tools, records, equipment, and supplies on a job site.


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Great Lakes Kwik Space wants to help you maximize revenue during peak season and while renovation and/or rebranding is happening. GLKS offers flexible rentals options and a variety of container sizes. Renting a container allows for hotels to utilize storage containers while a remodel is happening and then return it when the project is complete. Instead of spending more money and resources to store your inventory and supplies off-site, containers offer the flexibility and convenience that hoteliers desire. Don’t let your guests see that you lack sufficient storage space by stuffing supplies in various parts or areas of the hotel, this will negatively impact the guest’s experience. A storage container is a great solution because it can hold the items for 1-10 rooms, depending on the size of the container. Containers are completely customizable and can be enhanced by modifications. Popular modifications include windows, doors, electrical,  insulation, and ventilation. Features such as shelving, partitions, and ramps can also be beneficial to the user.

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Let GLKS help you find a year-round solution that accommodates your general storage needs. With storage containers, you don’t need extra staff or resources for warehouse management and you will save time and money traveling to and from off-site locations. Having storage containers on-site enables staff and management to have access to supplies and equipment when needed. Storage containers allow for easier inventory management and protection from hot or cold weather conditions. To discuss your options further, give Great Lakes Kwik Space a call at (800) 966-1016 or fill out our quick form today!

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