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Holiday Season in Chicago - Storage Container

Now that Cubs have broken their 108-year drought, the city will be lit up like a Christmas tree. With the Cubs winning the World Series, the city of Chicago is about to get an economy boost at just the right time. With the holiday season just around the corner, more people will be traveling, shopping, and enjoying the winter events. Chicago will be flooded with holiday festivities and wintery activities. Storage containers will be an asset to your business, rather it is used for extra storage space or to sell  your product. Storage containers are a great option because of their durability, mobility, and flexibility. They are also cost-effective and are much cheaper than building a whole new structure. With rental options available, businesses can use a container during the peak season and then return the container when it is no longer needed. Below is a list of some fun winter events going on in Chicago this month and how a storage container can enhance the customer’s experience.

One of a Kind Show & Renegade Craft Fair

Enjoy a unique shopping experience at the One of a Kind Show and the Renegade Craft Fair. They don’t call it the One of a Kind show for no reason. This jaw dropping event consists of 600 artists from around the country. The event is held at the Merchandise Mart, pick up everything from hand painted ceramic and unique textured pillows to carved wooden bottle stoppers. The Renegade Craft Fair is an opportunity for serious crafters from country to sell their handmade arts and wares. Pick up special handmade, one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends.

A storage container can be used as a display or demo booth. They are ideal for tradeshows because of their mobility and easy setup. Container structures are eye-catching and unique. It will attract audiences immediately with its innovative design.  Some ideas for a demo booth for a craft fair would be soap making, candle making, wood burning/carving, and jewelry making. Using containers to construct a demo booth will create an interactive experience for the customers that will be unforgettable. The cozy and personal feeling of a small space will be inviting to customers. Modifications and accessories can be made to your container to customize it for your business needs. People have an appreciation for handmade goods and custom one-of-a-kind pieces. Renting a container is a great idea if you are not quite ready to commit to purchasing one and want to give it a trial run. Another innovative idea for a storage container application is converting it into a photo booth. An open-sided container is a great option for a craft fair booth because merchandise can easily be displayed. The 20ft side door shipping container is reinforced to allow the entire side wall of the container to open.


Winter WonderFest

The Winter Wonderfest is an annual indoor winter carnival that features a toboggan tunnel, mini golf, ice rink, carnival rides, and a 15-foot “snow tubing” hill. Bring your family for a good time at this winter wonderland.  In Philly, the Winter Wonderfest included 14 shipping containers that were converted into a beer garden called The Lodge, along with some chic shops. The Lodge was the largest public plaza ever created exclusively from recycled containers. The Art Star Craft Bazaar was a winter-themed retail experience with vendors housed in storage containers. Customers will enjoy a completely unique retail experience. The  transformation into a winter wonderland was complete with a forest setting and rustic seating and signage.


Photo: WLA

Great Lakes Kwik Space is the largest independent storage container provider in the Chicagoland area, able to deliver to companies and individuals with just 24 hours notice. If you’re ready to get the ball rolling and set up an order for the container that will double as storage and an eye-catching display booth. Call (800) 966-1016 or get a quote now.

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