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To Buy Or To Rent? – Your Next Shipping Container - Storage Container

Storage Container Rentals

When deciding if a storage container is right for you, the next important question is whether you buy or rent. With Great Lakes Kwik Space, you can find unbeatable deals on both rentals and purchases. If you, or your business, are interested in storage container rentals, get in touch with the friendly team at Great Lakes Kwik Space. They are sure to find you great quality with excellent prices.

Below, we answer four common questions when it comes to renting or buying a container. Great Lakes Kwik Space offer both rentals and sales, and below are 4 FAQ’s helping you to decide whether to buy or rent.

For How Long Do I Need The Container?

This is probably the most important question to understand when deciding whether to rent or buy a container. When deciding the time necessary you should always add on a couple of months. This is in case of any setbacks or problems you may encounter.

How Much Is The Container To Rent?

When asking this question, there are always additional costs to consider. These include upfront costs of securing the rental, as well as recurring costs of keeping a container (i.e. where will you keep it? Etc.) Not to mention, when agreeing a deal, always bear in mind your billing cycle and ensure a payment plan is manageable and fair.

How Much Is The Container To Buy?

If you feel a purchase suits you better, you should consider a number of factors. The condition of the container is vital as once a deal is in place, the container is yours. You should also ensure the size of the container is what you are looking for. In addition, the tax you will need to be pay, should be carefully considered. And finally, the delivery options available to you, for your new container. This is often forgotten, but let’s remember, it isn’t easy to shift a 2+ ton box of metal.

Do I Want To Modify The Container?

If you are set on modifying your container, you will have to purchase your container. Modifying your container unfortunately doesn’t comply with the rules of renting a container. If you are only interested in add-ons, then the majority of these can be included when renting a container. Great Lakes Kwik Space, advise speaking with the specific company about the rules of modifying and add-ons. This will help you better understand, what you can and cannot do.

Still Unsure?

Of course renting a container is far more economical than purchasing one. However, when it comes to payment plans, the chances of applying a previous rental plan will not be transferred should you decide to buy it. A main reason why this is, is because there are upfront costs covered by the container company that are then recovered over time.

This makes it very important you make the right decision. It’s imperative to conduct some serious research about your needs and what you want. Great Lakes Kwik Space, strongly recommends evaluating your container needs, and clearly conveying your thoughts to a sales representative.  They will be able to determine whether buying or renting is best for you and your business.

Here at Great Lakes Kwik Space, we recommend a purchase if you anticipate use of more than a year or plan on modifying/painting it. On the other hand, adds-ons such as lofts, pipe racks, contractor desks and shelving can all be included on a rental contract.

Whether purchasing or renting is your best option, be sure to trust Great Lakes Kwik Space when it comes to choosing your next container. With unbeatable value on storage container rentals, they are sure to find you the perfect container for the perfect price.

For more information call Great Lakes Kwik Space now on 1 800 966 1016.

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