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A Series Of Scenarios Illustrating GLKS’s Value To The Food Industry - Storage Container

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Great Lakes Kwik Space provides 20 foot and 40-foot walk-in refrigerated freezer and cooler storage containers. No matter how much extra stuff you need to keep cool, cold, or frozen, we’ve got a home for it. We offer our containers all throughout Chicago and the greater Chicagoland area, including certain parts of southern Wisconsin. Want to learn more? Have a look at our website.

Scenario 1: A Restaurant Owner’s Investment

Imagine the following scenario. You are running a restaurant. The restaurant business, like all industries, has its peaks and valleys. Whereas some months ago, the business was booming, lately, the wave of hungry customers has taken a brief hiatus. You had no way of knowing this drop-off would happen, and as a result, you ordered an influx of beef and other valuable and expensive meats. Your customers deserve nothing short of the finest meats. And in any case, you’ve already spent the money, so hopefully, sooner or later, someone is going to eat them. In the meantime, you need to find a home for these delicious tenderloins.

That’s where GLKS comes into the picture. We’re professionals at finding homes for bulk. That includes food and other cold items. Our storage containers will keep your expensive meats nice and chilly, waiting for consumption. And when the customer drought passes and business turns back up again, your investment will pay off in the fall. In other words, with the help of our refrigerated storage container services, it’s always good to be more prepared.

Scenario 2: The One-Off Special Event Planner

Summer is just around the corner. Festivity is in the air and you can almost smell the barbeques already. But sit tight, because we’ve still got a short way to go. But when the time comes, and your company wants to throw the event of the summer, and they want to throw it outdoors, there’s a good chance your company will invest in more food and beverages than they need. That’s when it becomes necessary to find a home for the excess. Whenever you throw an event, just as was the case for the restaurant owner, it’s always best to prepare accordingly.

Scenario 3: Food In Transit

This is probably the most common use of our products and services. Food makes its way across the country every single day to hundreds of thousands of outlets. Some of that food is packaged or canned, requiring absolutely no temperature regulation whatsoever. Much of it, however, must remain within a very specific range of temperatures in order to be edible. Within an hour of violating those parameters, the entire truckloads of delicious meals can cease to be delicious, and instead become hazardous. It’s essential that companies take advantage of a portable storage containers company on which they can consistently rely. What’s why they turn to us.

Whether you have a restaurant with excess food and no place to store it or are throwing a one-time outdoor event and need a home to refrigerate your meats, cold beverages, etc. just for the day, Great Lakes Kwik Space, in collaboration with Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc., has the answer. If you’d like to learn more about what makes Great Lakes Kwik Space’s refrigerated portable Storage Containers Chicago services so special, give us a call today at 800-966-1016.

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