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5 Ways That Our Containers Can Make Your Life Easier - Storage Container

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What makes Chicagoland’s Great Lakes Kwik Space’s portable storage containers for rent and for sale so special? Well, there’s a short answer and a long answer. The short answer, quite simply, is that it makes company managers’ lives easier and allows businesses to save on time and money. At GLKS, we run a business-to-business operation that thrives on the fact that our boxes are the best around. As for the long answer, well, you’ll just have to read on. Here are 5 ways in which GLKS can make your life easier.

Store For The Holidays

Everything gets a bit more expensive come the Christmas season. Whether you’re a retail, food, or heavy equipment manufacturer or distributor, the cost of those products and those deliveries always are substantially less pricey several months prior to the holidays. Why not stock up your inventory in September, before the storm? This way, by the time the shoppers finally pop up midway through December ready to spend a fortune on last-minute gifts, you’ll be ready for them. On top of that, you’ll know that you will have saved on delivery costs and also be turning a much higher profit.

Store For The Low Season

Along a similar token, every company hits its low points in the year. But sometimes it’s not all that easy to predict when those low points will come. Moreover, holidays notwithstanding, it’s equally difficult to predict when the customers will suddenly appear with cash in hand. The goal is thus to remain as ready as possible at all times of the year, just in case. That sometimes means overstocking. This applies as much to shoes, shirts, and pants as it does to potato chips. You always want to be ready. How? By storing the excess inventory, whatever that inventory may be, in one of our exceptionally secure, non-rusting, modern portable storage containers.

Store Your Heavy Equipment Overnight

If you’re a contractor, you don’t always have the option of taking all of your equipment back to headquarters each and every night. If you have plans of actually finishing this job any time soon, you’ll want to have everything readily available first thing in the morning following your morning coffee. But depending on where the sight is, you may want to protect the more expensive equipment that you’re using. Some folks choose to utilize standard metal containers to keep their stuff hidden overnight. But time and countless incidents have shown that the security features on these containers are simply not enough. If you really value your equipment, you’ll want to take advantage of our boxes, which are made of a corten or durable steel and aluminum blend. That’s because you can count on the fact that absolutely no one will be getting into one of our containers unless you want them to.

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