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3 Red Flags To Look Out For When Purchasing A Storage Container - Storage Container

storage containers for sale Chicago

Do you manage a retail store in the Chicagoland area? Whether you affiliate with Walmart, Target, or a smaller clothing store in a shopping mall, a great way to ensure you never run out of inventory in a transient industry is through the use of portable storage containers Chicago services from Great Lakes Kwik Space. This way, no matter the season or the state of business, you’ll know that you’ll always have a backup in the event that there’s a spike in business that you hadn’t anticipated.

We are the leading storage containers for sale Chicago company. We offer our services all throughout the Chicagoland area as well as parts of Wisconsin. All of our containers were constructed within the past two to three years and are virtually impenetrable by water or burglars. In few words, when it comes to storage containers, we know quality. If you are looking to buy a storage container for your retail business, here are a few flags to look out for.

3. Hidden Rusty Areas

In the interest of longevity in your storage container rental or purchase, rust is your greatest enemy. That should come as no surprise to most prospective customers. What you may not realize is that rust is not always as easy to find as you’d think. Many companies will take old containers and paint over the rusty areas and then sell them as new. It’s crucial that you don’t allow this to happen to you, since rust can corrode the material and cause it to decay, which can lead to damaging whatever you store inside it and also limiting its security. You can prevent this from happening to you by closely inspecting the texture of the container. With GLKS, you will never have this problem, as nearly all of our containers are no more than a couple of years old.

2. Problematic Doors

After rust, the doors are usually the next thing to go. There’s plenty that can go wrong here over time. Whether it’s the hinges, the locks, the alignment, or something else, the doors to the storage containers should be among the first areas that you inspect prior purchasing or renting. Remember that without the proper security features, shipping containers are far more vulnerable than the contents within your store. That’s why security should always be a priority. GLKS’s containers are the most secure boxes on the market.

1. Incorrect Size For Space In Which You Plan To Put The Container

This is a regrettable error that you’ll want to avoid if possible. Make your measurements prior to purchasing or pay through the nose. Storage containers come in multiple sizes, ranging from 20 to 40 ft. GLKS has containers that are the exact size of a parking spot. But you’ll want to make sure that this is the size that you choose, and also that you have a parking space that you have the right to fill with a container. If you do not own the property outside of your store, this may be a negotiation you’ll want to make before you buy a box to fill it.

Great Lakes Kwik Space has the most reliable boxes on the market and a team of experts that will not allow you to make any kind of rental or purchase that you may regret. We know the industry like the backs of our hands, as we’ve been in business for up to twenty years now. To learn more about our storage containers for sale Chicago services, give us a call today at 800-966-1016.

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