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GLKS’s Portable Storage Containers As Modular Classrooms Are The Answer To Your Problems - Storage Container

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As the school you represent transforms itself into something greater, bigger, and better, with more resources and bigger classrooms, there still remains that in between time. Construction is a pain. It’s loud, expensive, and cumbersome. And to top it all off, finding a place to hold class in the meantime poses its own problems. But with Great Lakes Kwik Space’s portable storage containers Chicago and Chicagoland services, you can knock off one of the many points of stress that this whole process has been causing you. Here’s why storage container rentals can make for the perfect solution to classroom shortage during school year construction.

Space and Flexibility

GLKS has boxes of various sizes, including ones that are 48 feet wide. That’s enough space to fit a full classroom full of students without it feeling particularly cramped. A storage container can act as a modular classroom. They allow school administrations to adapt to any number of extenuating circumstances. Not to mention that storage containers are portable. That means that depending on the progress of the construction project, teachers can hold class in one part of campus or another.

Limits In Time And Use Open Up Options For Decorations

For teachers who ever felt the inclination to try something different when decorating their classrooms but weren’t sure whether their ideas would work, trying them on for size in a storage container would be the perfect time. It’s during a transitionary phase for the school, implying that this place will be a classroom for only a brief period of time.

It Saves On Costs

The alternative to using portable storage containers Chicago and Chicagoland services is renting out space in a separate location completely. This will undoubtedly be more expensive than using storage containers. It also poses logistical complications because finding enough space in a relatively close location that can house all of the student body could complicate commutes to and from school and travel in between classes, as the new location presumably will not have all the resources of the school. That includes the school gymnasium, laboratories, and other facilities for extracurricular activity.

It’s An Immediate Option For Unforeseen Circumstances

Suppose there is no construction project. Maybe a pipe broke or something happened that you had no way of predicting and now you need to find a new home for your students, at least temporarily. In this difficult time, it is most convenient knowing that you have GLKS as a resource at a moment’s notice to deliver you the modular classroom you need to keep school up and running.

Classroom are by far not the only use for our storage containers. To learn more about what makes Great Lakes Kwik Space great, give us a call today at 1.800.966.1016.

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