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7 Interesting Facts About Great Lakes Kwik Space: The Most Reliable Portable Storage Containers Company In Chicagoland - Storage Container

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Great Lakes Kwik Space is the leading portable storage containers Chicago and Chicagoland company. We offer containers for rent and for sale all throughout the Chicagoland area and in parts of Wisconsin. Here are some interesting facts about our company that you may fine useful.

Our Containers Are New And Ready For You

The bulk of our shipping and storage trailers and containers are no more than two to three years old. What that means for you is that you’ll be getting top of the line boxes that have not had to weather substantial damage from years of usage.

GLKS Containers Are Made Of US Steel

Every single box in our inventory is a US steel patented product. COR-TEN storage containers are the most durable and secure on the market. That means they can withstand large amounts of water and rain without the contents inside ever getting wet. It also means that it’s near impossible for burglars to penetrate without heavy, attention grabbing equipment.

Retailers All Throughout Illinois Count On Us

At the various points in the year when business is high, inventory goes up. But then, business drops again. Sometimes it’s hard to predict when this happens, which is why retailers in rural and urban parts of Illinois count on us to stock the excess in the off-season. Our clients vary tremendously in size. We provide containers for Wal-Mart and Target just as we do for smaller local businesses.

Clients Often Rent Our Containers For Long Periods Of Time

Some clients will rent out portable storage containers for as many as 9 months out of the year. In many cases, particularly with schools, clients will rent a container or two in September with the impression that they’ll need them for only a couple of months, but end up needing them for the entirety of the school year.

We Also Have Many Clients In The Food Industry

We frequently do business with manufacturing companies. For example, large stores that sell snack foods that don’t require refrigeration will often stock up on supplies and store them in our containers. This allows them to save on delivery costs.

We’re Always Busy

Of the 1,500 containers we have in stock, at any given time of year we’ll have at least 1,000 containers out on rent. That’s why we like to encourage our clients to communicate with us as early as possible. That said, we’re no stranger to last minute rentals. Very often do we have clients who anticipate only needing one box contacting us the same day asking for two or even three more. Whenever this happens, we’re always happy to oblige.

People Use Our Containers To Store Natural Disaster Supplies

In the wake of everything that’s happening in the world, never has it felt more necessary to prepare for the worst. While Illinois does not typically get serious natural disasters, it’s still wise to keep a storage container ready full of blankets and water in case of emergency.

If you’d like to learn more about our portable storage containers Chicago and Chicagoland services, which stretch throughout rural Illinois and in parts of Wisconsin, please give us a call today by dialing (800) 966-1016.

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