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The Vocab You Should Know If You Want To Buy Or Rent A Portable Storage Or Shipping Container - Storage Container

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For anyone who does not have years of experience dealing with shipping and storage containers for sale and for rent in Chicagoland, which, presumably is most people, these are the bare basics that you need to know. Firstly, there’s ocean cargo. This is the standard that you always see at the docks. All Great Lakes Kwik Space containers are former or current ocean going containers. The other kind of container is for domestic cargo shipping. You can buy or rent either one. Below is a bit more information about our portable storage containers Chicago and Chicagoland services.

Ocean Cargo Containers

Companies most commonly put these boxes to good use when they need to ship large quantities of goods overseas. However, they can use the containers for domestic shipments as well. The containers are COR-TEN steel, making them virtually impenetrable by water or the elements.

Furthermore, if you choose Great Lakes Kwik Space as your portable storage containers Chicago and Chicagoland services provider, you can count on your container having the highest quality security as well. That means that no one, and we mean no one, is getting into one of our rental containers unless you want them to.

Steel ocean cargo shipping containers normally come in the form of either 20-foot or 40-foot long boxes. Some companies modify the ocean going containers to other sizes and other uses.

What’s A ‘Cargo-Worthy’ Container?

This is a container that could go on to the “ocean” again. It might be just brand new or several years old but is a very high standard container. It is of a quality in which it can protect what you store inside as well as any container.

What Does ‘Wind And Water Tight’ Mean?

Wind and Water tight means just that, but also implies that the container would not be accepted by a steamship company to go back in service to deliver freight to another port.

Finally, What Does ‘As Is’ Mean

If someone sells you a shipping container ‘as is’, you can pretty confidently assume that you will encounter leaks, holes, poor security, and other problems. It is more than likely that there is some form of damage somewhere in the container. Don’t let an attractive economical price tag trick you into making a purchase that puts your goods at risk of contamination or burglary.

Great Lakes Kwik Space has over 1,500 storage containers in stock. At any give time of the year, we usually have give or take some 500 containers available for rent and for sale. To learn more about what makes our portable storage containers Chicago and Chicagoland services so great, dial (800) 966-1016.

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