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How Portable Storage Containers Allow Retailers To Cut Carbon And Save On Costs - Storage Container

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As the cost of transportation of large shipments by major retail companies continues to grow, the market remains ruthlessly competitive. And with what feels like an irreversible rise in population, high demand has caused the carbon footprint of large companies to continually increase at an alarming rate. This leaves major retail production and distribution companies with two incentives to modify their policies with regards to the global transportation of goods.

In order to remain leaders in their respective fields, companies like Nike and Walmart are finding new ways to make the transportation of goods as cost effective as possible while simultaneously cutting their carbon footprints to a fraction of what they were in years past. The new strategy ultimately comes down to the responsible and effective use of portable storage containers.

Minimizing Air Travel

About fourteen years ago, Nike came to realize that the use of fuel has a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. Studies also revealed that planes emit as much as 47 times the amount of carbon per ton-mile compared to transportation by ship. But because the majority of Nike’s production is in Asia, they needed a means of transporting their goods overseas. By switching the majority of their shipments to container ships and relocating spending instead on renting safe and reliable portable shipping containers, they managed to save as much as $8 million per year by 2009. With the increase in profit as incentive to continue with this initiative, Nike is now pursuing the objective of reducing their carbon emissions by as much as 30% by the year 2020.

Recognizing The Value Of Shipping Containers

In order to take full advantage of the transportation of goods via ocean in place of air, companies must place more focus on making sure they utilize the best and securest shipping containers available. This applies as much to security against bad actors with the intention of breaking and stealing as much as it does against rain, wind, ocean water, and other elemental threats to the contents within the containers.

Finding Access To The Best Containers In Chicagoland

The containers that Great Lakes Kwik Space (GLKS) provides for Walmart, Target, and several other small, mid-sized, and large multinational retail companies are virtually impenetrable. GLKS has containers for sale and available for rent all year around. Most containers are no more than 2 to 3 years old. At any given time of the year, GLKS will have around 1,000 containers out on rent, but also have a large enough inventory that the companies can always depend on them to have more containers available on short notice.

GLKS is open for business and ready to take your call. Order your portable storage containers Chicago and Chicagoland services today by calling 1-800-966-1016 today.

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