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How Container Shipping Works - Storage Container

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The service of shipping goods by high-capacity and adequate ships that travel on regular fixed schedules is known as liner shipping. The cargo is inside containers that ensure that the products being shipped remain intact until they reach their final destination. It is a crucial aspect of global trade because most goods traveling by sea are carried this way. But, have you ever wondered about the logistics of such a process? Storage and shipping container rental Chicago and Chicagoland’s Great Lakes Kwik Space has just the answer.

From Manufacturer to Port

Everything starts at the manufacturer. The product is ready to be sent. A truck arrives to the factory and loads the order. Normally, the order contains merchandise not only for one store but for other stores also. However, the container must only carry one type of goods, for example, only shoes. Once the merchandise is inside the container, the container is closed and will not be opened again until it is delivered at the destination country. It can only be opened if a customs official requires doing so. The truck then goes to the sea port and loads the container onto a ship. It is important to note that the shipping line must have documentation that includes what the cargo is, who transports it, where it comes from and where it goes to.

From Port to Port

When the container is loaded onto the ship along with other containers, the ships departs. A few days before arriving to the next port, the captain of the ship must provide authorities from the destination country with information such as who is travelling in it and what cargo it carries. When the ship receives clearance, it prepares to unload all the containers at the container terminal.

From Port to Distribution Center

Upon unloading the containers, customs official arrive to check all documentation is in order and, if they consider it necessary, they can inspect further by opening some containers. After customs gives clearance to proceed, the containers are loaded onto a truck trailer. This truck will take the container to an import distribution center. It may be that this center is far away from the port; in this case, the containers will be transported via train. When the container arrives to the distribution center, they open it and sort out the orders according to each store. Lastly, the merchandise is sent to its final destination.

Our storage and shipping container rental Chicago and Chicagoland’s services include integral assistance in everything our customers need to know about containers. To learn more call Great Lakes Kwik Space at 800-966-1016.


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