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The fact that storage containers have had a great impact on today’s globalized economy is undeniable. Although storage containers themselves offer many advantages, there is a set of elements involved in shipping logistics that make the entire process much more effective. Of these aspects, technology plays a crucial role. The use of technology to coordinate the entire logistics involved in container shipping is one of the most relevant events that have helped containerization become the most efficient shipping method across seas. Its evolution has been somewhat slow but, surely, it has been effective.

It was in the late 1960s when storage containers started being widely used to transport goods. Although they already provided a significant reduced cost benefit alternative, the logistics were, in way, a little empirical. Nevertheless, they were changing tremendously the way in which global economy worked. And, at the same time that containerization was evolving, so was technology. It was inevitable that these two elements would change the world forever, converging at some point.

Today, one can hardly imagine a world in which technology is not involved in almost everything. However, it is how the world was a few decades ago. Though back then there was an increasing use of applications of technology to various industries, these industries did not rely heavily on technology. Gradually, as technological advances were taking place, they began being incorporated to various industries. The shipping industry was no exception. Moreover, the shipping industry was also gradually relying more and more on the use of storage containers. Thus, these two world changing developments met with each other.

With the increasing use of computers for processes automation, it did not take long for shipping companies to realize that this also could be applied to maximize their operational efficiency. Unsurprisingly, they were not mistaken. After starting to use computers to coordinate their operations, these companies found that the margin of error decreased enormously. The reason was obvious: it was all being coordinated by machines that were programmed to be exact.

Nowadays, shipping logistics are mostly coordinated by computers. The development of different business intelligence (also known as BI) software makes container shipping the most effective means of shipping in the world. Due to the high efficiency these programs provide, goods transportation by means of storage containers has opened new horizons that once were unimaginable for most people.

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