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The use of shipping or portable storage containers has become indispensable in today’s global trade. But their use has extended to other industries rather than just shipping. Nowadays, it is not rare to see restaurants, clothing stores or offices operating from shipping containers that have been altered with innovative designs. There are even shopping centers that are composed of strictly shipping containers, offering customers an original and unique environment. At Great Lakes Kwik Space, the leading shipping container rental company in Chicagoland and surrounding areas, we have containers that fit any type of need; whether it is for shipping or any other alternative use, we got you covered.

All the containers we offer have ground level access, easy open door handles, and are secure and watertight, portable, manufactured to ISO specifications and they are also delivered to your site.

10, 20, and 40ft Containers

These are the most popular containers. Their simplicity allows them to be used for virtually any endeavor. Plus, they can be easily modified to suit your specific needs.  They are good for gas/convenience stores, fast food restaurants, retail strip centers, tire dealers, automotive repair centers. In other words, they can be utilized for almost any on-site purpose. Their different sizes offer people several alternatives to use them according to the space they have to place them on.  

40, 45, and 48ft High Cube Containers

As their name suggests, these are regular containers with extra height. They are the perfect solution for when you have a limited space on-site or need to store oversized items. They are mostly used for storing machinery, recreational vehicles or any type of items that would not fit in a regular sized container.

20 and 40ft Double Door Containers

Double door containers have two sets of lockable double cargo doors instead of just one. This feature gives the container easy access from both the front and back sides. When loading and unloading items in and out of the container, the double door feature provides exceptional flexibility and convenience.

20ft Side Door Containers

Either if they are used for storing items or as a commercial space, our 20ft side door containers are a great option. For those people using them as storage, they provide easy access without having to unload a set of items to reach to the middle, for example. If they are used as a commercial space, their side door facilitates the access and the customization of the container for any specific purpose.

20 and 40ft Walk-in and Refrigerated Containers

We partner with Portable Refrigeration Storage, Inc. to offer state-of-the-art refrigerated portable storage containers to our customers. They are ideal for those who require additional cold storage on-site. If it is food that needs to be stored, our walk-in and refrigerated containers are NSF approved, ensuring they maintain the quality of the food being stored.

Great Lakes Kwik Space has a large supply of different shipping containers options that suit everyone’s needs, whatever they are. To learn more about our shipping container rental services, call us now at 800-966-1016.

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