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5 questions to Ask before Buying a Storage Container - Storage Container

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In the 1950s, when modern shipping or portable storage containers were invented by Malcom Mclean, he was right to foresee the magnitude of the impact that it would have on, not only national but also global trade. However, it is unlikely that he thought that his industry-changing portable storage containers would have so many other uses. Today, they are not only used to ship goods but also in other areas such as housing, retail, among many others. It is for this reason that we’ve prepared this 5-question checklist for buying the right container, because we know that our portable storage containers are relevant not only to the shipping industry but, also, for practically any industry.

  1. What Do You Need It for?

This is the first question that must be addressed before buying a shipping or portable storage container. Depending on your purpose, you may go for a used container or a new one. Also, this question takes into consideration if you need a container with side doors, or a double-door, or maybe a refrigerated container.

  1. Does It Fit where You Want to Place It?

After you are clear on the purpose of your portable storage container, the second step is to decide on the size. You need to plan accordingly with the space you have available, and if you need several containers, you must find a way to distribute them in the most effective way. The most popular sizes are 10, 20 and 40ft.

  1. Is It in Good Condition?

Another requirement is to thoroughly inspect the container to make sure it is in good shape, and, more importantly, that it is suitable for your needs.

  1. Does It Need to Be Modified?

Once you’ve made sure your portable storage container is in a neat condition, you must decide if it needs any modifications, such as lights, windows or special locks. If so, you must decide, according to your business plan, if it is more cost-efficient to do it in at an early stage or do it later.

  1. Where Is It Going?

You’re almost set, but there is one small detail left. You must decide on its final destination! With GLKS you can be sure that your container will arrive at your final destination in the fastest and safest possible way.

We hope that this checklist has been helpful to you. At Great Lakes Kwik Space, we advise our clients in every step of the process, making sure we meet every single one of their needs. If you are looking for portable storage containers in Chicago or Chicagoland, please give us a call now at 1-800-966-1016.

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