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Deciding Whether to Buy or Rent a Shipping Container - Storage Container

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Shipping or portable storage containers are indispensable in today’s global trade. Moreover, they have gone beyond their original purpose and now are also used as alternate storage facilities, restaurants, offices, and even homes, among other uses. They come in different sizes and with different specifications, adapting to all users’ particular needs.  Since they can be rented or bought, it’s common that most people ask what the best option for them is. To answer this, it’s necessary to clarify that there is not an absolute answer. It all depends on each particular situation. The most important factors to consider when deciding whether to buy or rent a portable storage container are the budget, the time that you’ll need it for and the purpose it will fulfill.

The summary below will help you decide if you should be looking for storage containers for sale or storage container rentals.


Beforehand, you need to know how much money you can or are able to invest in the shipping container. There are different types of containers with different specifications and sizes and, therefore, with different prices. Also, for storage container rentals, their prices vary according to how long you will need the container for. Determining a budget will be a start point for you to know what kinds of portable storage containers you should look for.

Time of Use

Undoubtedly, the time-frame in which you will be utilizing the shipping container will greatly affect your decision. If you know that you will only use the container for a short period of time, the most suitable option for you is renting. On the contrary, if you will use the container for a longer period or indefinite time, it is more cost efficient to buy it.


If you’re looking to build a home, an office, a permanent shop, etc., or make frequent shipments using portable storage containers, then you should definitely buy them. On the other hand, if you need them as a temporary storage facility during construction, for moving, for advertising your brand at a fair, etc., your best option is to look for storage container rentals.

Great Lakes Kwik Space has been leading the portable storage containers industry in Chicagoland for more than 25 years. Our top priority is always finding the perfect shipping or storage solutions for our clients. Please call us now at 1-800-966-1016, and we’ll help you find the storage container for sale or the storage container rental that you need.

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