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How to Correctly Load a Reefer Container - Storage Container

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As we had mentioned in a previous article, “Reefer Containers: An Overview”, refrigerated containers are ideal for shipping or storing perishable products that need to be kept at a certain temperature so that they don’t go bad. Although reefer containers work wonders, there are some fundamental steps that must be followed to avoid problems or damages to the load. By following these instructions, the goods being shipped or stored will stay in the best condition possible, the shipment will be successful and your clients will be satisfied.

We have prepared the list below with 5 basic tips to load your reefer container correctly so that you can get all the benefits they offer. And remember, if you’re looking for storage containers for sale or storage container rentals, look no further than Great Lakes Kwik Space.

Precooling of Products

The goods that are to be shipped need to be precooled for a certain time so when they enter the reefer container, they have an optimal temperature. Otherwise, the product’s and the container’s temperature can clash, which leads to a higher temperature in the container. Consequently, it may damage the goods and have negative effects on your business.

Highly Perishable Goods

If the goods being shipped are very perishable or have a short life, it’s imperative to use a reefer container with a controlled atmosphere. This system also controls the CO2 and the oxygen within the unit.

Controlling the Container Conditions

It is imperative to verify that the container is in perfect conditions before you load it. It not only needs to be clean but also has to function perfectly. To do so, you can check:

  • The correct adjustment of the temperature.
  • The ventilation opening is the one required.
  • The ventilation filters are in perfect shape to prevent insects from entering the container.

Distributing the Load

In order to have an optimal air and temperature flow, the goods must be loaded evenly, cover all the ground where there are air vents, leaving the front and back sides empty, where there is no air vent. The boxes must also have holes that serve as ventilation sources. There must be no space between the pallets because it leads to air swirls, which impedes the correct air circulation. Finally, make sure that the load does not exceed the red line that determines the height limit of the load in the container. There must be some empty space so the return air can circulate properly.


Since some documents make take too long to be ready for these types of loads, experts recommend that you have all the necessary documentation necessary before shipping the products.

At Great Lakes Kwik Space, we provide you with the most professional assistance you can get in Chicagoland. For more information or if you’re looking for storage containers for sale or storage container rentals, please give us call now at 1-800-966-1016.

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