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Understanding Shipping Containers Grades - Storage Container

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Nearly new, in top condition, having made only one trip from China. These are the best available!

Second hand or used shipping storage containers for sale are a great option for those who don’t need a brand new container. Their price is considerably lower and they can be adapted to fulfill, virtually, any purpose. There is a vast variety of these containers, differing in size, shape, age, aesthetic conditions and, of course, price. And, since the shipping industry is all about efficiency, there is a grading system to classify these containers. Understanding these grades will facilitate the entire buying process of a container.

Below, you will find the description of each container grade, so next time you’re looking for storage containers for sale, you will have a solid basis to make an educated and accurate decision.

Grade A or Cargo Worthy

Grade A containers are the ones that have the best quality in the grading system. They normally have a clean interior, are rust-free, with no major dents, are wind and watertight, and prevent the entrance of any kind of insects or rodents. They may have a few scratches on the outside but are perfectly functional. Additionally, they normally have a CSC (convention for safe containers) plate, which allows them to be used for overseas shipping. Besides shipping, they are also good for storing delicate items or for building a home, an office, a shop, etc., that needs to be impeccable but, at the same time, cost-effective.

Grade B or Wind and Watertight

These are normally a little older than grade A containers. They may have some dent scratches and some rust, but they still are wind and water tight and also prevent any vermin’s presence. In the outside, they may not look as new or intact as grade A containers but they still look good. They’re mostly used for storing items that don’t need as many care measures as items that need to be stored in class A containers.

Grade C or “As is”

The storage containers in this category are normally the oldest. They can have some corrosion and dents and are not wind and watertight. They are used for storing items that don’t need to be away from moistures or vermin, such as building materials, car parts, tools that won’t get rusted, among others.  

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