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A Breakdown of Storage Container Types - Storage Container

portable storage containers

Portable storage containers are a great way to keep your valuable products, materials, or goods safe and sound. There is a storage container for every business need; finding the right choice is only a matter of defining your objectives. If you are working with a company like Great Lakes Kwik Space, you will receive some great guidance on all of the differences in storage container options to choose from. We can help you find the perfect storage solution and will deliver the storage container to the location of your choice when you need it. Below, you will find a solid introduction to the different storage container types.

Main Types of Portable Storage Containers 

There are four main types of portable storage containers to choose from. Each type has its own specific qualities and size ranges to meet your needs. Refrigerated containers are great because they allow you to control the temperature of the items inside. If you are shipping food or perishable items, refrigerated storage containers are a great choice. Insulated shipping containers are another choice that is designed for shipping or storing goods that need to avoid large temperature fluctuations. Businesses dealing with goods like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and certain packaged products can stand to benefit greatly from insulated containers.

Open top storage containers are another option that is ideal for moving tall equipment or helping out at building sites. Lastly, dry freight storage containers are designed to keep products away from moisture damage. Great Lakes Kwik Space can help you find any of the above portable storage containers in Chicago so you can find the best possible storage solutions.

Grades of Storage Containers

So now that you have a sense of the main types of storage containers, let’s take a look at a few of the most common grades of portable storage containers. IICL, or the Institute of International Containers Lessors, is the strictest grading standard in the entire storage container industry. New is another grade that essentially means that the storage container is in great shape. CW, or Cargo Worthy, means that the storage container has passed the specifications to transport cargo. WWT means the portable storage container is Wind and Water Tight. Lastly, a damaged grade storage container means it has some wear and tear.

We hope this article has provided you with some valuable insight into the world of portable storage containers. Contact Great Lakes Kwik Space today to find the best storage containers in Chicago.

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