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3 Types of Shipping Containers for Your Business Needs - Storage Container

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Portable storage containers are one of the most valuable assets available to businesses that need to safely store and ship their goods. You want storage containers for sale that will make their journeys safely and arrive at their destination with their contents intact. It doesn’t matter if you need portable storage containers for shipping things across sea or land, Great Lakes Kwik Space has got you covered. It’s important to ask yourself what types of products you will ship and any special needs you have for your portable storage containers prior to beginning your search. There are many different shipping containers to choose from, let’s take a look at 3 of the most popular options below.

  1- Dry Storage Containers

This is one of the most popular and well-known options on the market. They are commonly used for shipping goods and come in a variety of different sizes. As the name entails, these portable storage containers will keep the products or goods contained within free from moisture. They are very reliable and come in 20, 40, and 45ft sizes. All of Great Lakes Kwik Space’s dry storage containers are truly built to last, which means you know you are choosing from the best storage containers for sale on the market.

  2- Tunnel Containers

Another great option for portable storage containers is tunnel containers. The idea behind this portable shipping container is that there are doors you can open on both ends of the container which can make your life a lot easier when you are loading and unloading materials. Time is money in the shipping industry, which is why tunnel containers can provide your business with a competitive advantage thanks to how easy it is to put things in and out of them.

  3- Open Side Containers

Sometimes, businesses need shipping containers that allow them to fit larger goods and materials within. Imagine trying to load wide or bulky goods into a small front door. That’s why this shipping container type is so helpful. It’s a portable storage container that has doors which change completely into open sides to provide a wide area for loading in the goods and materials. Great Lakes Kwik Space offers a 20ft Side Door container so that loading and unloading bulkier materials is a breeze.

All of these great options are available from Great Lakes Kwik Space, the leading supplier of storage containers for sale in Chicago.

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