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The Only Portable Storage Containers Buying Guide You Need - Storage Container

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Portable storage containers have become the most popular way of purchasing some extra space, shipping items all over the world, and keeping goods and materials safe from the elements. Purchasing storage containers for sale in Chicago can be a great decision for your business that will take care of your storage and shipping needs for years to come. However, there are a few basic things to learn and think through before you purchase storage containers for sale. This guide is intended to provide you with some of the basic information you need to make the best possible decision on your portable storage containers purchase.

Questions You Should Ask Prior to Your Purchase: 

What type of condition do you want the container to be in? 

This is a great question to ask because the condition that the storage containers are in will ultimately determine their price. Obviously, you want to find a container in great condition at a great price, but it can be challenging. You can purchase refurbished and used containers to get a nice discount, but make sure you thoroughly inspect it before making a purchase.

How long do you want to have the container for?

This is a great question to ask because it will cost you more for portable storage containers for sale versus portable storage containers for rent. If you need your portable storage containers around for several years, it makes a lot of sense to purchase them versus renting them.

Industry Terms to Know 

One Trip Containers: A one trip container is a portable storage container that is essentially brand new. Most portable storage containers are manufactured overseas, which means they need to be shipped to their supplier. That’s why they are considered one trip containers because they have only made one trip from the manufacturer to the supplier prior to being made available for sale.

Cargo Worthy Containers: This simply means that the portable storage containers are able to go across the ocean with cargo inside. They will have been inspected by a licensed individual to be deemed cargo worthy. The inspection criteria are based on a lot of things, such as the overall condition of the walls, floors, and ceilings of the container.

Modified Containers: Modified storage containers are portable storage containers that have been customized to include additional features. For example, skylights, lock boxes, partitions, heating and AC, and new paint jobs are all modifications to storage containers for sale.

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