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The Best Ways to Prepare for Storage Container Delivery - Storage Container

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After you purchase your portable storage containers, it’s time to prepare for their delivery. This isn’t too challenging of a process if you don’t know how to get ready. However, there are certain pitfalls you will want to avoid during your storage containers delivery. Great Lakes Kwik Space has been providing the best portable storage containers for sale in Chicago for years. We want to help you get ready for your storage container delivery in every way possible. That’s why we’ve prepared the following article to get you ready!

  1. Choose the Delivery Location Wisely

This might be the most important step in getting ready for your storage containers. You want to make sure you are choosing a location wisely, otherwise, you could be causing unnecessary problems. Consider a location that is convenient, accessible, and that has a solid foundation to withstand the weight of the storage containers. You don’t want to choose a location that is only going to temporarily house the portable storage containers. It’s also best to select a location that is easily accessible for the truck that will be transporting your portable storage containers.

  1. Clear the Path for the Truck

You want to make things as easy as possible for the truck that will be dropping off your portable storage containers. That means clearing the pathway that it will be coming in on. You also want to take care of anything that is overhanging like trees that can cause immediate damage to your newly purchased portable storage containers. This is a simple task that is often overlooked, so take it seriously!

  1. Double Check the Foundation

Storage containers tend to be heavy. That means that the location they are dropped off at should have a solid foundation that is able to withstand heavy loads. You also want a flat foundation that is firm. You can always use wood blocks or concrete to support your portable storage containers, if necessary.

  1. Pick the Right Time

You will need to coordinate your schedule with the delivery to make sure you are able to oversee the delivery. You should give yourself at least 3 days prior to the delivery to prepare the site for your new portable storage containers. If you work with a portable storage containers provider in Chicago like Great Lakes Kwik Space, you can easily choose a convenient delivery time for your business. 

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