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Safety Precautions While Transporting Storage Containers - Storage Container

Storage containers

Storage containers are used in commercial and residential units to keep belongings safe.  They are used for long-term storage and short-term purposes as well, such as moving houses.  At Great Lakes Kwik Space, we have a variety of portable storage containers to choose from; we have new, used, or refurbished storage containers that come in sizes ranging from 10 ft to 48 ft.  Once you choose which portable storage container best fits your preference, it’s time to move it to its required destination.  Here are some of the necessary safety precautions to take while moving a storage container.


Strategically Pack Container

You should place the heaviest boxes at the bottom of your storage container, with the lighter objects on top.  This is important because if the heavy objects are on top, it could cause the portable storage container to tip over.


Personal Protection

To reduce any hazards, make sure to wear the right protective gear, such as helmets, harnesses, and shoes.  You should also know how to operate any equipment that you’re using, including safety equipment like fire extinguishers.


Secure Containers

It’s absolutely crucial that storage containers are securely strapped.  The door lock should always be double checked so that the content inside doesn’t cause any injuries.


Choose the Correct Crane

Different cranes are used to handle different weights and sizes.  Make sure to select the crane that fits your specific needs.


Proper Lighting

Having a well-lit area will reduce the chance of accidents from occurring.  If you don’t have natural lighting, you can use bright LEDs.


Safety Shelter

When portable storage containers are being moved, there should be a designated area for people to go while the cargo is being loaded onto the deck.  This is to protect everyone from possible falling cargo.

These are some of the precautions that we take while moving storage containers to ensure the process is executed safely and error-free.  If you need help picking out one of our portable storage containers at Great Lakes Kwik Space, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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