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There are many reasons that you may need a storage container; you may have moved into a smaller home, have an abundance of holiday decorations, or want a place to safely store your children’s belongings after they moved out.  Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a place to store your things, you’re probably considering your options.  There are two popular options for storage: sheds and storage containers.  This article discusses the difference between the two options.



Since sheds have historically been more common in households, they have a more “traditional” look.  Normally, sheds are made out of wood, but manufacturers have started to make them out of vinyl to make them more durable.  Even though vinyl is more durable than wood, however, it isn’t the ideal material to protect your belongings.  Although an advantage of a shed is its outer appearance, they require more maintenance than portable storage containers.  Wood sheds are a lot more likely to crack and require periodic paint jobs if you want to maintain its appearance. Since they require maintenance, these costs can add up over time.


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As stated above, portable storage containers may not have the traditional look that you prefer, but it’s because they are built with the purpose to protect your belongings.  The Corten steel that’s used to build storage containers make them hard to break into, while also protecting them against outside weather conditions.  Storage containers are also, on average, cheaper than sheds and don’t require maintenance.  In addition, portable storage containers come in many different sizes as opposed to sheds, which are usually smaller in size.  The availability of different sizes allows you to pick a storage container that will store all of your belongings, while also fitting comfortably in your backyard.

So, which is better?  Although sheds have a more traditional appearance, storage containers are preferred because of their many advantages.  At Great Lakes Kwik Space, we have new, used, and refurbished storage container for sale in a variety of sizes.

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