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Condensation is the conversion of vapor or gas to a liquid.  This usually occurs when warm air rises, cools, and then loses its capacity to hold water vapor, which then forms water droplets.  Condensation in a portable storage container takes place when the walls of the container become cooler than the dew point of the air found inside the container.  Since portable storage containers in Chicago are made out of metal, weather changes and other external factors can easily affect the internal temperature of the container.  Seeing that condensation can negatively affect the contents inside of your portable storage container, we’ve put together a list of ways to stop condensation from occurring.



When you insulate your portable storage container, you’ll reduce the amount of moisture in the air because it will keep the cargo warmer than the dew point.  This will prevent extreme temperature differences, resulting in less condensation.



Dehumidifiers help maintain your preferred humidity level by cleaning the air of excess moisture, which will also prevent mold, bacteria, and other particles from growing.  Don’t forget that you’ll need to regularly empty the water out of the dehumidifier so that it works properly.



Desiccants are substances that are used as drying agents.  Desiccant pads can be laid under the goods to absorb any leakage or condensation.  These pads also have thermal protection that will maintain the temperature inside the portable storage container in Chicago, preventing the buildup of moisture.



Ventilation will introduce outdoor air into your storage container, which will control the indoor air quality.  By equalizing indoor and outdoor temperatures, condensation will be reduced.  Although ventilation is a good option, it depends on the environment of your portable storage container in Chicago.  If it’s in a humid climate, it will could bring moist air into the portable storage container, therefore increasing condensation.

Since you store valuable items inside of portable storage container in Chicago, make sure that they are protected as best they can.  By reducing the amount of condensation your belongings are exposed to, your items will maintain their quality.

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