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Portable storage containers are used to transport cargo from one location to the next.  Whether they are transported via air or ship, the storage containers are exposed to different environments during transit.  For that reason, they are built from Corten steel or a durable steel and aluminum blend to withstand harsh environments.  When a person purchases a portable storage container, they need it to be durable and last as long as possible.  The average storage container is utilized for 10 to 12 years before being sold for alternative purposes.  There are things that a person can do, however, to make the storage container have a longer lifespan.


Paint the Storage Container

Since portable storage containers are made out of steel, they will eventually rust.  This rust can be delayed by keeping the container painted; there are even paints specifically made for storage containers.  Before painting the storage container, make sure to scrub off any dirt or oil.  If your storage container still has stickers on it, you should consider taking them as well.  You can then use a roller or sprayer to apply the paint; don’t forget to paint the roof as well.


Inspect the Storage Container

You should regularly check your storage container for rust or any other damage.  You will want to check the walls, roofs, and doors.  You can also check if the seals are firmly attached to the doors and close into the doors easily.


Roof Rust Prevention

Since roofs are usually exposed to the most moisture, it could cause them to rust sooner than other parts of the portable storage container.  For that reason, it’s important to clear any puddles of water on the roof whenever you can, or you can choose to apply roof cement for extra protection.

At Great Lakes Kwik Space, we want your new storage container to have the longest lifespan possible.  By following these tips, you can get the most out of your portable storage container.

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