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COVID-19 has infected people all over the world, while also impacting the non-infected people as well.  This pandemic has caused businesses to close, people to lose their jobs, schools to cancel, and vacations to be postponed.  With the whole world on pause, the economy has been severely impacted.  This means that businesses aren’t shipping as many products as they did in the past, thereby impacting the portable storage container industry.  Additionally, there’s another reason that the storage container industry has been impacted.


Many portable storage containers are manufactured in China; since COVID-19 was originally discovered in China, their workers are taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the virus.  This means that many places have a lack of workforce, resulting in a lower number of storage containers being exported out of China.  At the beginning of this pandemic, there were plenty of storage containers available, but as they continue to sell, there aren’t as many portable storage containers being imported to replace them.


It has been said that the lack of new storage containers in the industry have forced many companies to raise their prices.  It is forecasted to continue through 2020 and may even carry into 2021.  Our hope is that portable storage containers will successfully be imported in the same amount as before so that the prices for each unit won’t have to increase.


At Great Lakes Kwik Space, we continue to operate during this time and can provide storage solutions delivered in 24 hours.  Not only do we offer used or new storage containers, but you can chose between purchasing and renting our products.  We are committed to finding the portable storage container with the right dimensions and accessories to fit each client’s needs.

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