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Before purchasing a portable storage container, you’ll put a lot of time in choosing the correct one.  This means that you’ll need to consider how big it needs to be, the condition that it’s in, whether you want a new or used container, and finding the right price.  After all of this work, you’ll be ready to use your shipping container rental to transport goods.  While you’re utilizing your shipping container rental, however, it’s important that you maintain its cleanliness.  If you don’t, there could be negative repercussions.  This article identifies what could happen to your portable storage container if you don’t keep it clean.



The last thing you’ll want is an infestation in your shipping container rental.  There are certain things that attract bugs, such as animals, food, plants, and even loose, wet cardboard boxes.  Aside from keeping these items out of your portable storage container, make sure to sweep and wash your storage container  regularly to keep bugs away.


Broken Products

If you recklessly pack your shipping container rental, you should expect some of your products to get ruined.  You should pack your storage container strategically, with the biggest and heaviest boxes on the bottom.  You can also use shelves to store your fragile or glass items.  You don’t want your portable storage container to arrive at its destination with damaged products.



One of the biggest reasons that mold forms is moisture in the air.  Especially if a shipping container rental is being shipped by sea, it will be exposed to a humid environment.  To protect your products from mold, try insulating your portable storage container; you can also use dehumidifiers and desiccants.

Not only have you invested in your shipping container rental, but in the products inside as well.  For that reason, it’s crucial that you protect your items from being damaged.  By taking care of your portable storage container, keeping it organized, and monitoring its humidity, you can keep your products safe.

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