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Accessories for Your Storage Container - Storage Container

If you’re in the market for a portable storage container, you’ll have to make some decisions to find the right one.  You will need to determine how big of a storage container that you need, whether you want a new or used container, or if you just want a shipping container rental.  Once you find the right container, the hardest part is over.  Now you just have to worry about packing your belongings and shipping it to its destination.  There is one more thing that can make this process easier, though, and that’s storage container accessories.  Here are some of the accessories that we offer at Great Lakes Kwik Space:


Loading Ramp

These ramps are super helpful when you’re loading and unloading your portable storage container.  Our ramps have a 10,000 or 750-pound weight capacity, depending on your needs.  They make loading a lot easier, as you will not need to lift your heavy and fragile products.



Shelving maximizes the space that you have inside your container. It also helps to organize your items and give a special space for your fragile belongings.  You can either rent or purchase our storage shelves.


Apparel Racks

These racks will also help you to maximize the ground space, but are designed specifically for clothes.  If you get these installed in a 20ft container, you’ll have 38 linear feet of racking.  In a 40ft storage container, on the other hand, you’ll receive 78 linear feet.


Bike Racks

Our bike racks cone in two different sizes.  Our smaller rack is for 20ft containers; these can hold up to 34 bikes.  The bigger rack can be installed in a 40ft portable storage container and can hold up to 70 bicycles.


Instant Lighting

Instant lighting will make packing a lot easier.  Rather than navigating around boxes to flip a switch, the light will turn on automatically when you enter.  Our KwikLight is also available for rent or sale.


Security Locks

This may be the most important accessory that you can purchase.  Our locks provide a “tight fit” on all types of storage containers, making them nearly impossible to break into.


These accessories will make your portable storage container a lot more space-efficient, as well as organized.  If you want to know more about our accessories, contact us today!

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