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Portable storage containers are used to transport items from one location to the next.  There are different ways that they can be transported: by car, ship, or even by air.  Of course, the means of transportation depends on the material that’s being sent and where it is being sent.  That being said, storage containers are so popular because they are very versatile, and can be used in almost every industry.  This article introduces some of the reasons that portable storage containers are a great storage and transportation option.


To start, our storage containers are made from corten steel or a steel and aluminum blend.  This material makes them very durable, allowing them to last for 10+ years.  They are also weather-proof, which is super important.  The type of products inside the portable storage containers can range from food to technology, but every product should be protected from outside weather conditions. Food, for example, can lose its texture and form mold if it’s exposed to water.  Technology, on the other hand, can malfunction, causing the product to lose value or be returned.


Another advantage of portable storage containers is that they come in different sizes.  Our standard ISO shipping containers are available in 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft sizes.  This is important, as you may not want to pay for a 45-foot storage container if you only need 20 feet of space.  Similarly, you don’t want to order two 20-feet containers, when you can just get a 45-foot shipping container rental.


Lastly, you can either get a shipping container rental or purchase it.  Whichever one you choose is entirely your choice.  If you need the container for a one-time move, you are probably better off with a shipping container rental.  If you know that your business will need it continuously, it will make more sense financially to buy the container.


Storage containers are used in almost every industry because they are strong and reliable.  If you have any questions about our storage containers, all us at Great Lakes Quick Space.

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