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Declutter Your Home of Seasonal Equipment – Store Your Winter Gear in a Storage Container


As the Spring chill goes away and it starts to feel like summer again, you might be looking at the past winter’s sports gear and equipment and wonder where you’re going to fit it all until Winter rolls back around. Great Lakes Kwik Space has the answer: a portable storage container.


Many Americans each year take part in snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling and similar winter sports as soon as the chill is in the air. Winter sports like hockey and figure skating will also be in full swing. Winter sports require a lot of equipment – and require a lot of room for storage. Bulky equipment and awkward storing pose a problem for even the most organized person. To add to this space issue, many turned to outdoor winter sports as a safe and socially distanced activity to get out of the house during the winter months as the COVID-19 pandemic continued. The result? A lot of gear, now laying around, destined to go unused until Winter returns.

Storage Containers for Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Great Lakes Kwik Space offers a variety of portable storage containers that can be used for your seasonal gear overflow. Store your winter sports equipment, or even snow-blowers or snow shovels in your container during the summer months, and switch them out with summer gear when the temperature drops again. No need to clutter your home, basement, or garage with seasonal equipment: store it securely and safely just outside your door.


With storage container options for every need, Great Lakes Kwik Space is pleased to have something for everybody. Having served the Chicagoland area for over 30 years, Great Lakes Kwik Space is familiar with the spatial needs of its community, and is pleased to offer on-site mobile storage to store skis, snowboards, snow plow attachments, or any seasonal equipment which may clog up your garage. Check out our storage options here or contact us for more information at 866-524-6603.

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