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Mobile Storage Containers Could be the Answer to Overcrowded Schools | GLKS

Sweating Your Schools’ COVID-19 Compliant Reopening? Mobile Storage Containers Could be the Answer to Overcrowded Schools

Schools already often seem like they’re bursting at the seams, with outdated supplies, infrastructure, and an ever-increasing number of students. Add COVID-19 on top of that, and it can pose a problem for a lot of schools in the process of reopening. Already overcrowded and lacking space, schools are struggling to find places to conduct classes safely. As students are brought back in-person, Great Lakes Kwik Space recognizes that need for increased space in our community’s schools has never been greater. That’s where mobile storage containers can help.

Storage Containers Are Your Mobile Storage Solution

Great Lakes Kwik Space has a solution to the problem many schools in the Chicago area are dealing with right now: mobile storage containers. Great Lakes Kwik Space storage containers are the perfect overflow storage unit for schools to place all unused supplies and furniture. Until schools are able to reach full capacity again, and the threat of COVID is no longer in view, having extra storage space for chairs, tables, and supplies will be crucial to ensuring that there is enough space for social distancing in the classroom.

In the age of COVID-19, extra storage space will allow schools to:

  • Free up space for effective social distancing in classrooms.
  • Solve existing overcrowding problems.
  • Allow for additional space in the main building due to the relocation of excess supplies and furniture.

In order to free up space and adhere to social distancing regulations, it is important for schools to explore options that will allow them to create a safer and more organized environment for children returning to school following the pandemic. By setting up mobile storage containers, the classroom environment will become more spacious, allowing students and teachers alike to spread out in the classroom, while remaining safe and socially-distanced.

By relocating equipment and furniture to mobile storage containers, classes in the main buildings can be more spacious and properly socially-distanced. Explore our website to learn more about how Great Lakes Kwik Space can provide you with storage containers for on-site and easily accessible school storage containers.

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