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Missed Spring Cleaning? It’s Not Too Late – Organizational Tips to Keep Your Home Decluttered This Summer - Storage Container

Did you miss your window for spring cleaning? As the weather gets warmer, are you now looking around your cluttered house and wondering what to do? Here are some organization ideas you can do today, or whenever you have a spare minute to spruce up your space.


Kitchen Organization Tips

These kitchen organization tips will help to stream line your process when prepping and cooking, and will declutter your workspace.


  1. Organize your pantry by category in a way that works for you. Put your cereal, snacks, cans, vitamins, pasta, and cooking supplies all in separate areas, and put your most-used items in the easiest to reach places.
  2. Keep granola, nuts, flour, and other loose snacks and ingredients in storage containers that are air tight, allows you to get rid of bulky boxes, and can be situated on shelves easily.
  3. Make a spice rack in rarely used spaces near the stove.
  4. Install organizers in deep cabinets to easily access items in the back that are hard to reach or easily forgotten.
  5. Go through your pantry, fridge, and other food storage areas and eliminate anything you don’t use or eat (and obviously, any expired foods). Bring unused items to a local food pantry.

Bathroom Organization Tips

Is your bathroom counter cluttered with toothpaste, hairspray, makeup, cleaners, and moisturizers? Simplify your space with these bathroom organizational hacks.


  1. Clear your counter – store excess or lesser used items in a storage space underneath the sink, or in a closet or space outside the bathroom.
  2. Add shelving to store extra towels or hair products.
  3. Purchase a shower caddy and place it under the sink or on a tension rod to clear the spaces in the corners of your shower or tub.


Reorganizing Your Spaces

Decluttering your home may seem like a daunting task, especially if things have been building up for a while. Set a timer or dedicate a specific time frame to organize things little by little. Create a list or set of organizational goals you’d like to achieve day by day or week by week. Put on some music and grab a friend for company – you’ve got this!


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